A Biography For Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is an American movie actor born on Might 16, 1944. He has appeared in lots of films, normally as a villain or antihero. His most memorable movies embody “Con Air,” “Desperado,” “Heat,” and “Machete.” Trejo frequently collaborates with movie director Robert Rodriguez.

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Trejo was born in Los Angeles and is the son of Dan Trejo and Alice Rivera. Robert Rodriguez is Trejo’s second cousin, though neither man was conscious of this relationship until they filmed “Desperado.” Trejo spent a lot of the 1960s in California prisons and grew to become a champion boxer for the welterweight and lightweight divisions In San Quentin Prison. He additionally joined a twelve-step program during his incarceration and says that he has been sober since 1969. Trejo enrolled in Pitzer Faculty in Claremont, California, upon his launch from prison but left after one semester.

He was speaking at a recovery meeting in 1985 when one of the attendees invited Trejo to look at the filming of “Runaway Prepare.” He got a job as an additional, and screenwriter Edward Bunker acknowledged Trejo as a former inmate of San Quentin, the place Bunker had additionally served time. Bunker offered Trejo a job coaching star Eric Roberts to field. Director Andrei Konchalovsky was also impressed by Trejo and provided him a extra distinguished function in “Runaway Train.”

Trejo has since appeared in many films with A-listing actors akin to Charles Bronson, Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, and Robert De Niro. He typically plays small roles, which allows him to routinely seem in 5 or extra movies per year. Main movies during which Trejo has performed a significant role include “Blood In, Blood Out,” “Marked for Demise” and “As soon as Upon a Time in Mexico.”

His first leading role was Machete Cortez in the 2010 motion film “Machete,” which was adopted by the 2013 sequel, “Machete Kills.” Trejo initially appeared as Machete in a trailer for “Grindhouse,” a B-grade action movie directed by Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino. The trailer was initially supposed as a spoof, but it grew to become so well-liked that Rodriquez determined to make a movie based on the character of Machete.

Trejo’s characters, especially those directed by Rodriquez, are often named after sharp instruments. Along with Machete, Trejo played Razor Charlie in the horror film series “From Dusk until Daybreak,” and his character in “Desperado” was named Navajas, which is Spanish for blades. His character in “Predators” was Cuchillo, Spanish for knife.

He has a closely lined face and has an extended mustache in most of his films, giving Trejo a particular look. He also has a tattoo on his chest depicting a girl with a sombrero that is visible in a few of his films. Trejo normally plays thugs, but he additionally plays sympathetic characters in movies resembling “Bubble Boy” and “Spy Children,” which was directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Trejo has made visitor appearances on tv collection comparable to “Breaking Unhealthy” wherein he performed a recurring role in two episodes, one in 2009 and another in 2010. He additionally played a character much like himself in “Monk,” an action-comedy series starring Tony Shalhoub. Trejo played an inmate at San Quentin prison, who was Monk’s roommate. He was also a good guy in an episode of “Desperate Housewives,” a television drama sequence.

He has also carried out extensive voice work. Trejo supplied the voice for Enrique on “King of the Hill,” a long-operating animated comedy. The character of Octavio on this collection is predicated on Trejo, though he does not voice that character. Trejo’s voice work additionally contains characters in video games such as “Def Jam,” “Grand Theft Auto,” and “Fallout.” These animated characters typically bear a strong resemblance to Trejo.

Trejo has made many cameo appearances in music movies equivalent to “Like Yeah” by rapper Tech N9ne. Additional movies by which Trejo seems include “Double Blade” by Jay Chou and “Open Your Eyes” by Marylene and the Sons of Disaster. Adult movie star Lupe Fuentes additionally featured Trejo in her music video “We are the Occasion.”

CHAMPION, a documentary of Danny Trejo’s life, was launched in 2005. This impartial movie features Dennis Hopper, Robert Rodriguez, and Val Kilmer. Trejo additionally mentioned his tumultuous life in a 2013 interview with KTTV in his Los Angeles home. He said that he couldn’t consider how blessed he has been in his career and personal life. He added that he still expects to wake up in prison.

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