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Since the house release of Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens, numerous items of knowledge have hit the web, primarily in because of beady-eyed followers.

One such tidbit is how some of the flags outside Maz Kanata castle have been removed since the first trailer hit the web, deleting numerous references to the prequels.

As famous by a fan, one of the flags missing is a reference to Anakin Skywalker podracer in the prequels.

Whereas the Mandalorian symbol in the centre remains to be there – seemingly a reference to rival racer Sebulba- the blue emblem seen in the Phantom Menace is not present.

You do not need access to view this Atom.

As famous by Uproxx, this isn the primary prequel reference to be removed, as Hayden Christensen was supposed to seem in the film at one stage as a Force ghost.

Director JJ Abrams previously hinted at a cause for the removal of prequel references, as noted by The Rolling Stone: brams, recent from his speech in regards to the importance of particulars, sits on the centre of the editing room.

hey begin by reviewing a shot proven within the trailer, the place dozens of flags seem on a castle that belongs to Maz Kanata.

he flags are designed to drive superfans nuts with references to the sooner films, however Abrams tells Guyett that too a lot of them allude to the first of Lucas prequels: キ don want to be too about podracers, Men’s Darth Vader Rogue One Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts he says. キ quite provide you with our stuff. ?/p>

– 45 show all

Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens ILM idea artwork

– 1/forty five

– 2/45

– 3/45

– 4/forty five

– 5/forty five

– 6/45

– 7/45

– eight/forty five

– 9/45

– 10/45

– eleven/45

– 12/forty five

– thirteen/forty five

– 14/forty five

– 15/forty five

– sixteen/45

– 17/45

– 18/45

– 19/forty five

– 20/forty five

– 21/forty five

– 22/forty five

– 23/45

– 24/45

– 25/forty five

– 26/45

– 27/forty five

– 28/45

– 29/forty five

– 30/45

– 31/45

– 32/forty five

– 33/forty five

Men's Kylo_Ren Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

– 34/forty five

– 35/forty five

– 36/45

– 37/forty five

– 38/45

– 39/forty five

– 40/45

– 41/forty five

– 42/forty five

– forty three/forty five

– forty four/45

– 45/forty five

Feels like Abrams was really making an attempt hard not to remind us of Jar Jar (AKA Snoke). In the meantime, on the time of writing it is Star Wars day (Could the Fourth), with fans around the world celebrating.

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