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The CW Reveals Black Canary’s Identity On ‘Arrow’

Large SPOILERS forward for “Arrow” Season 2! Don’t learn this text for those who don’t need to know who bape t shirt selfridges quotes the new Black Canary really is.

Throughout the first season of “Arrow,” Dinah Lance (Alex Kingston) briefly returned to Starling Metropolis because bape t shirt selfridges quotes she believed that her daughter, Sarah didn’t die on the Queen’s Gambit. And it turns out that Dinah was right.

At the tv Critics Affiliation press tour, the CW President Mark Pedowitz dropped a huge “Arrow” bombshell when he revealed that Sarah Lance is the new Black Canary, as portrayed by Caity Lotz. Sarah was performed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wooden during the first season of “Arrow” for just a few occasional flashback sequences.

“I hope it brings a certain amount of conflict since she’s taking part in the sister of Laurel Lance,” explained Pedowitz. “It’s an origin story — do not know if this character is the Black Canary or will not be the Black Canary, however it’s an origin story. Remember, Laurel Lance was the Black Canary within the DC Universe.”

Pedowitz is just partially right. Dinah Lance is Black Canary within the DC Universe, however the character was renamed “Laurel” for “Arrow.” In the comics, Dinah took over the function of Black Canary from her mother. Potentially Laurel may eventually take the heroic mantle from her sister at some point in the future.

Sarah’s survival additionally begs the question of where she’s been for the previous five years. Sarah wasn’t on the island with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)… or was she

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