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This page presents the content of the terminals inside the Atom Cats garage as is in game.
Men's The Invisible Woman Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts1 Zeke’s Terminal 1.1 THE LeGeNd of ZEke- NO Wanting
1.2 THE LeGeNd of ZEke- More Ideas
1.Three > Safe Management 1.3.1 Disengage Lock
1.3.2 Have interaction Lock

Zeke’s Terminal[edit | edit supply]
Word: This desk terminal is positioned on the wooden crates inside Zeke’s Aquaman trailer. It’s locked Novice.

Welcome Consumer batman red robin t shirt designs ToPCaT
(Except you’re on the lookout for a knuckle sandwich, then go ahead…)

THE LeGeNd of ZEke- NO Trying[edit batman red robin t shirt designs | edit supply]
Tough Ideas/ NoTeS

* I was born in a tiny leather-based jacket.
*I grew up in DIAMOND Metropolis, left once i realized a diamond was actually only a tilted Sq.. (GOOD LINE! conserving it.)

*Inform that story about how I fastened up an old VERTIBIRD, but crashed it into the ocean. That explains why I haven’t got it anymore…. right

*Want a number of chapters on Power ARMOR. Why it is the cat’s meow. Ooh, and some Tips about methods to make it actually sing! (Don’t reveal A lot, they gotta need you for something.)

THE LeGeNd of ZEke- More Ideas[edit | edit supply]
…ran out of area or something….
Extra Ideas!

*Story about finding the Storage! How I SINGLE-HANDEDLY SLAYEd a huge pack of ferals to say it.
*How I met and assembled the ATOM CATS. How I rescued them from their Bad News lives and confirmed them the best way of COOL. (Additionally, how much I love this kooky crew. Do not get too sappy, though!)

*Chapter in Memoriam of AIMIN’ ANDY, the Cat we misplaced too quickly. ANDY discovered all of the rockin’ TUNES that we play within the storage to this present day. USE THIS LINE: “He will reside on in our HEARTS and in our JUKEBOX.”

> Safe Control[edit | edit supply]
Be batman red robin t shirt designs aware: That is the default header for the protected program.

Safe Lock Mechanism Standing: Locked
Be aware: That is the header once the secure is unlocked.

Protected Lock Mechanism Status: Unlocked
Disengage Lock[edit | edit source]

…Checking Clearance……….
…Locking Mechanism Disable..
> Accessing Safe Features…

Interact Lock[edit | edit supply]
…Checking Clearance……….
…Locking Mechanism Allow…