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BATMAN Past #eleven Unique Preview: The Sons Of Batman

We’ve waited six months, and it’s finally right here: the climactic battle between Damian Wayne and Terry McGinnis in BATMAN Past #eleven. On one facet, there may be the biological son of Batman who has taken up the role of Ra’s Al Ghul. On the other, there may be the foster son of Bruce Wayne, who has taken up the mantle of the Batman. In this BATMAN Beyond #eleven unique preview, Bruce watches as his two kids battle over his legacy.

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Men's hand-painted Batman Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtIt was a stroke of genius for Dan Jurgens to bring Ra’s Al Ghul into the BATMAN batman t shirt boy junkies Beyond Ghost_Rider continuity. He then delivered an extremely satisfying twist when he revealed that Damian Wayne has taken over the League of Assassins after his grandfather’s demise. Now Damian wants to prove his superiority to Terry McGinnis, whom he labels “The Pretender.” Damian, after all, was educated by Batman and is now a warrior on the peak of his talents. However, Terry is utilizing Batman’s prototype A.I. suit which limits all bodily weaknesses and calculates the optimal solution to win a fight. In consequence, the battle pits Damian’s superior coaching towards Terry’s superior technology. Who will win and prove himself the true son of Batman

“At this point, the most effective I can hope for is that one survives the day. Each No chance.” – Bruce Wayne

Furthermore, essentially the most poignant thing about this subject is that the majority of it unfolds from Bruce’s perspective. It’s tearing the old man apart to see two of his kids battle to the dying. “At this point, the very best I can hope for is that one survives the day,” Bruce reflects. “Both No probability.” I can’t wait to see whether or not Bruce can save his two sons and have a reconciliation with Damian. To find out the answers, we’re going to have to wait till August 23rd when BATMAN Past #eleven comes out!