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Ultra Series (Franchise)

Return of Ultraman (Kaettekita Ultraman, a.k.a. Ultraman Jack; (1971-1972)
Ultraman Ace (1972-1973)
Ultraman Taro (1973-1974)
Ultraman Leo (1974-1975)
The Ultraman (a.okay.a. Ultraman Joeneus; 1979-1980, Anime sequence co-produced with Sunrise)
Ultraman Eighty (1980-1981)
Andro Melos (1983)
Ultraman: The Journey Begins (a.ok.a. Ultraman USA; 1987, 4-part animated pilot co-produced with Hanna-Barbera)
Ultraman In the direction of The long run (a.okay.a. Ultraman Nice; 1990, produced in Australia, but never aired there)
Ultra Tremendous Fight (1990)
Ultraman Youngsters (1992)
Ultraman The ultimate Hero (a.ok.a. Ultraman Powered; 1993, produced within the USA, but by no means aired there)
Ultraman Tiga (1996-1997)
Ultraman Dyna (1997-1998)
Ultraman Gaia (1998-1999)
Heisei Extremely Seven (1998-2002; direct-to-DVD collection)
Ultraman Nice (1999-2000; infomercial sequence that aired following reruns of Tiga)
Ultraman Neos (2000-2001; direct-to-DVD collection)
Ultraman Cosmos (2001-2002)
Ultraman Boys Ultra Coliseum (2003; infomercial collection)
Extremely Q Dark Fantasy * (2004)
Ultraman Nexus (2004-2005)
Ultraman Max (2005-2006)
Ultraman Mebius (2006-2007)
Ultra Seven X (2007)
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle (2007-2008)- Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (2008-2009)

– Ultraman Retsuden (2011-2013)
Ultra Zero Fight (2012)
Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle (2017)

Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga (2016-2017)
Ultra Battle Orb (2017)

Ultraman (1967; compilation film)
Ultraman, Ultraseven: Great Violent Monster Battle (1969; compilation film)
Hanuman Vs 7 Ultraman (1974)
Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle (1979; compilation movie)
Ultraman (1979; compilation film)
Ultraman Zoffy Extremely Warriors Vs The large Monster Military (1984; compilation movie with Zoffy’s narration performing as a framing system)
Ultraman Story (1984)
Extremely Q The Film Legend Of The Stars * (1990)
Ultraman Vs Kamen Rider (1993)
Extremely Seven – Operation: Photo voltaic Power (1994)
Ultra Seven – The bottom of the Earthlings (1994)
Revive Ultraman (1996)
Ultraman Firm (1996)
Ultraman Zearth (1996)
Ultraman Zearth 2 (1997)
Ultraman Tiga And Ultraman Dyna Warriors Of The Star Of Mild (1998)
Ultraman Gaia Battle In Hyperspace (1999)
Ultraman Tiga The final Odyssey (2000)
Ultraman Dyna The Return Of Hanejiro (2001)
Ultraman Cosmos The primary Contact (2001)
Ultraman Cosmos 2 The Blue Planet (2002)
Ultraman Cosmos Vs Ultraman Justice The final Battle (2003)
Ultraman: The subsequent (2004)
Ultraman Mebius And The Ultra Brothers (2006)
Superior Ultraman eight Brothers (2008)
Mega Monster Battle: Extremely Galaxy Legends (2009)
Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial (2010)
Ultraman Saga (2012)
Ultraman Ginga Theater Particular (2013)
Ultraman Ginga Theater Particular Ultra Monster Hero Battle Royal (2014)
Ultraman Ginga S The Film Showdown The ten Extremely Brothers (2015)
Ultraman X The Film Here Comes Our Ultraman (2016)
Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the facility of Bonds! (2017)

Video Video games
Compati Heroes sequence – Consult with the itemizing on the Tremendous Robotic Wars franchise web page
Ultraman Combating Evolution sequence- Ultraman Combating Evolution (PS1 – 1998)
Ultraman Preventing Evolution 2 (PS2 – 2002)
Ultraman Preventing Evolution three (PS2 – 2004)
Ultraman Preventing Evolution Rebirth (PS2 – 2005)
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 (PSP – 2006)

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Coliseum (Wii – 2009)
Mega Monster Battle: Extremely Coliseum DX: The Gathering of The Extremely Heroes! (Wii – 2010)
Mega Monster Rush Extremely Frontier (Knowledge Carddass – 2013)

Ultraman Super Fighter Legend (Manga 1993-1997, 2014 – Present)
Ultraman The first (Manga 2003-2008; Manga adaptation of Ultraman)
Ultraman Story 0 (Manga 2005-2013)
Another Genesis (Novel, 2011-2012)
Ultraman Sisters (Light Novel, 2012)
Ultraman (Manga 2011, – Current)
Extremely Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project Galaxy Days (Manga 2014, – Current)
Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project Feat POP Comedian Code (Manga 2015, – Present)
Ultra Journey Twin Tail Lady And Twin Tail Me (Manga 2017)

Associated sequence developed by Tsuburaya embrace
Kaiju Booska (1966-1967)- Booska Booska (1999-2000)
Booska+ (Manga 2014-2015)

– Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (1994-1995)
The franchise usually supplies examples of the following tropes:

Aliens Speaking English: This trope is performed with reasonably unclearly. Whereas the viewers hears the Ultras talking Japanese and their host can perceive them, they rarely ever converse while reworked (except their characteristic shouts) and even after they do talk, it’s usually to one another and every so often humans watching simply won’t hear what they’re saying. In Ultraman Max, the remainder of Sprint asks Kaito if he ‘understands their language’ after he explains what Max and his superior have been talking about, implying people didn’t understand the dialog. Aparently, the Ultras comunicate via telepathy, and most people merely lack this capacity.- Made all the more confusing by the actual fact the invading enemy aliens usually play this trope straight and nearly all the time converse fluent Japanese.
In Mega Monster Battle, Belial speaks to Rei, who is a human, and Rei himself clearly understands him, which can clear some doubts on the matter.

– The entire franchise in all runs on this trope with 1000’s of Kaiju.
Quite common with Extremely hosts, as a variety of Ultras specifically batman tight shirt selected somebody who died a heroic death to be their host and convey them back as a reward.
It is not solely uncommon for Ultras to die and be resurrected, either by way of light or Heroic Willpower or The power of Friendship, and actually the Land of Gentle has the means to resurrect them (with the Mom of Extremely being adapt at it). However, this additionally signifies that Belial is capable of this trope as properly.

– And the Animated Adaptation The Ultraman seems to be in its personal disjointed continuity as properly, with traditional foes showing with origins intact, but the hero from a unique star system.

Crucified Hero Shot: In lots of the Showa collection
Cursed with Awesome: The Ultramen have been once mundane Humanoid Aliens. Once they built the Plasma Spark to change their dying sun, it somehow mutated them into the silver giants. In response to Mebius, they weren’t pleased with this at first, however believed that there should be which means for them to realize such power, and determined to make use of it to guard peace in the universe.
Darker and Edgier: Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Nexus, Extremely Q Dark Fantasy and Ultra Seven X are a lot darker and have a more adult tone than the other series’ within the franchise. A manga adaptation by the creator of Linebarrels of Iron have been announced and shall be published in a Seinen magazine, meaning it will be the third property in the franchise to be aimed completely for an adult viewers after Darkish Fantasy and Extremely Seven X.
Demonic Possession: This occurs once in a while, about as a lot as Brainwashed.
Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu : A lot of this. Virtually literal example with Gatanazoa.
The Dragon: Many clever aliens bring powerful kaiju to use towards Ultramen. Bonus level for Zetton, who has the subtitle House Dragon despite not trying like one.

Ditto Aliens: The Baltans. Justified, as they’re apparently some kind of gestalt entity, able to separate and recombine at will.
Eldritch Abomination: Numerous them. Gatanazoa, Chaos, and many others.
Energy Being: The Ultras are this to varying degrees relying on the continuity. The Showa Period Ultras have bones and organs, however are primarily manufactured from Light. Nevertheless, within the Tiga universe and some others, the Ultras bleed gentle as a substitute of blood.
Evil Counterpart: There are a number of faux Ultramen, but they’re principally aliens in disguise or robots although. A extra delicate instance is Ace Killer/Mebius Killer, who does not look like Ultraman however has related powers.
Expy: Every member of the final word Drive Zero (other than Zero, clearly) are modeled after Tsuburaya’s large heroes outside of Ultra Sequence, update with some level in badass. GlenFire is Fireman, Mirror Knight is Mirrorman and Jean-Bot is Jumborg Ace.
Fallen Hero: Belial was as soon as a mighty and noble hero like most Ultramen. Nevertheless, he turn into obsessed with looking for extra strength to uphold the order of the universe. So he instantly touched the Plasma Spark, and became the demon we know.
Family-Unfriendly Dying / Household-Unfriendly Violence:- Principally within the ’70s series, with both Kaiju and Ultras being sliced to bits, decapitated, stabbed, blinded, and even eviscerated.
A young child getting shot in the face within the Thai/Japan coproduction film.

Fourth-Wall Observer: Ide talks to the audience in episode 2.
Fun with Acronyms: With exception of Ultraman’s Science Patrol and Ultra Seven’s Extremely Garrison, the anti-monster teams nearly at all times have fancy acronym names.
Fusion Dance: Ultras are proven to have this potential in most continuities, though how it really works varies between the power booster type and forming a brand new being.
Gag Dub- Tiga’s dub is chock-stuffed with unfunny, temper-destroying jokes and loads of Bowdlerization. Shock! It’s from 4Kids!
This happened even earlier, with Area Warriors 2000, an unauthorized recut made using footage from the films Six Extremely Brothers vs. the Monster Army and Ultraman Zoffy. On account of it’s unofficial nature, it was shortly pulled from television by Tsuburaya’s legal professionals. Here is a “hilarious” excerpt: [1]

Coronary heart Light: Ultraman, irrespective of the incarnation, at all times has one of those. The sooner it’s flashing, the closer he’s to operating out of energy.
Hero Killer- Once or twice a season, a horribly powerful monster will defeat Ultraman. He will get better, and normally with a shiny new improve.
Ultraman Belial. The only two Ultras in the complete universe capable of even combating him without being curbstomped are Ultraman King (who curbstomped HIM) and Ultraman Zero, who’d spent several years undergoing Training from Hell at Ultraman Leo’s palms.

One in every of the first and best-identified episodes of the original Ultraman was “The Lawless Monster Zone”, during which the Science Patrol go to an island populated by various big monsters like the dinosaur-like Purple King, the bat-like Chandler, and an enormous burrowing reptile called Magular. Another one appeared of their two-parter episode, this time house to relic dinosaur and Ensemble Darkhorse of the franchise Gomora.
In Ultraman Eighty, the characters discover an abandoned island resort the place an evil alien monster called Gimyra has hypnotized everyone on the island to drink their blood and switch them into its giant monster minions.
In a single episode of Ultraman Dyna, the crew visits an island populated by several monsters they’ve previously met. It quickly seems that the creatures are clones being used as apply targets for a Mad Scientist-made monster known as Neosaurus.
Ultraman Max homaged the unique example in a two-half episode featuring Pink King, as well as two new monsters – a giant newt called Salamandon and a gliding reptile referred to as Paragler. It is later revealed that the island is definitely a dimension-hopping prison for Pink King constructed by Atlantis, and the other two monsters are its guards.
Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle kicks it up a notch with Bolis, a whole planet of big horrors. Naturally, the story is that the main characters are stranded on the world in a botched house expedition and have to outlive all the large monsters (all pulled from earlier sequence) that do nothing however assault anything they see.

One Monster of the Week is none other than the Godzilla costume from Mothra vs. Godzilla, renamed, with a big frill added to his neck. Possibly as a subversion of the trope, during the obligatory battle scene, Ultraman truly rips off the extra piece of the costume and thus the remainder of the fight is with a hundred% pure Godzilla.
The massive Unhealthy of Ultraman Tiga is none apart from Ghatanothoa (Gatanazoa), complete with petrification means.

– Edutainment Game: Several titles for the Sega Pico.
Some of the monsters are actually Eldritch in nature, you simply won’t realise it as Ultraman (almost) at all times averts their impact. Generally though, not even Ultraman is immune to the monstrosity.
Tiga and Cosmos seemed to love this trope, an Eldritch Abomination taking the role as Massive Bad within the latter, with a healthy dose of The Virus.

Moe Anthropomorphism: It’s official, various kaiju obtained this in Extremely Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku (Extremely Monsters Anthropomorphization Project). The mission also received three manga sequence (two traditional and a 4koma) and an internet anime brief.
The Film: A number of of those, see the listing above.
Multiform Steadiness: Tiga, Dyna and Cosmos.
Mythology Gag: Lots of monsters reference earlier seasons’ beasties.

The Omnipotent: Ultraman King, the God of the Ultras. He is referred to as almighty and so far has by no means shown anything near the restrict of his power. For instance, he effortlessly defeated the incredibly powerful Ultraman Belial then created a moon around him to imprison him, and brought a dismembered Ultraman Leo back to life with zero effort.
Our Demons Are Totally different- Tiga’s “Kileroid” line of monsters from deep beneath the Earth. Borders on being a minor Eldritch Abomination.
Enomena has also been described as trying just like a Majin.

Ultraman King. Not solely is he considered to be god of the Ultras, throughout his appearances he’s shown to be all-understanding and omnipotent. He is even proven able to reviving a dismembered Ultraman Leo with out breaking a sweat. In the brand new Ultra Galaxy movie, he’s ready to easily defeat Ultraman Belial who managed to defeat every Ultraman besides Zero and type an area prison round him _ which additionally acts as a moon to the Land of Light _ singlehandedly.
Ultraman Noa (at his full power) and Ultraman Legend are each thought-about deity stage Ultras, though it is unclear whether they’re on King’s level.

Crimson Oni, Blue Oni: Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul from Ultraman Gaia.
Retcon: As of 2011, many of the Extremely Shows have been retconned into one continuity, with most Ultras coming from or claiming M78 as their dwelling. Extra like, it has confirmed there are Alternate Universe counterparts for all these Ultras in the M78 continuity. The newest Ultraman Zero film confirms that the Ultraman multiverse exists.
Ridiculously Cute Critter- Hanejiro in Dyna.
Rimu Eleking in Mebius.

The new Ultra Galaxy showed, for the first time, The Land of Mild _ the home planet of the Ultras _ in its full glory, and it’s gorgeous.
The sequel, Ultraman Zero the Film, has this by the boatload. Prime example being the betsu no uchu (another house-principally a multiverse) scene and the Mirror World.

Training from Hell: Ultraman Leo, anybody Attention-grabbing because it was nearly at all times self inflicted. He later used this on Ultraman Zero, complete with restraining batman tight shirt armor. It really paid off as a result of it made Zero sturdy sufficient to do battle with the evil Ultraman Belial.
The Virus: Chaos, from Cosmos, also an Eldritch Abomination. Nearly solely infects kaiju, making them into horrific travesties of their former selves. Additionally Godish from Ultraman Nice.
Wham Episode: In the unique collection, an episode known as “The Prince Of Monsters” shocked the viewers because it was the primary time he really Lost a combat. Identical for when Zetton almost killed him at the top of the first sequence with “Farewell Ultraman”.

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