Can Ghost Rider Save “Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD?

Men's C3PO Gold Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtThe fourth season of arvel Brokers of SHIELD is subtitled host Rider, but can the fiery spirit save what seems like a doomed show?

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Agents of SHIELD has by no means fared particularly well within the rankings division. Each season exhibits the viewers slipping away. This newest push to a 10pm timeslot has most fans and watchers spouting future doom, especially when ABC has already axed each Marvel Agent Carter and Marvel Most Wanted, the latter of which never noticed the light of day.

My question to you (or the overall internet) is: Can Ghost Rider save Agents of SHIELD?

Picture Courtesy of Marvel Studios via Entertainment Weekly

When you sit and give it some thought, Ghost Rider feels like an odd choice for this show. Brokers of SHIELD likes to root itself in science, explaining things away. Heck, even with the Inhumans, they tried to provide you with an antidote for it. Every thing has a proof. How will they explain away a vengeful spirit and a flaming skull head?

In the intervening time, we have zero backstory on Ghost Rider. All we know is that he not Nicholas Cage. He nonetheless has the flaming skull. He has a Dodge Charger instead of a motorbike. And he feels quite a bit like Punisher in the meanwhile, going after the people who eserve it.

Then again, those who don have Netflix or those that haven watched Daredevil have yet to see Frank Castle. It might not feel so repetitive to them.

Picture Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Maybe this leap away from science and motive can be an excellent thing. Brokers of SHIELD wants some form of shakeup-and never the kind that Daisy makes. The Inhumans had been an excellent addition, however few and much between. In Tuesday night episode, it was good to see Daisy utilizing her powers in a simple manner (like protecting a hospital door shut). We want extra tremendous-powered individuals in our superhero Tv present.

I love Agents of SHIELD. I could be extremely comfortable if it stayed on for six, eight, ten seasons, saved up with the remainder of the MCU. But is that reasonable? Men’s R2D2 Star War Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt No. Not everybody looks like I do.

Look, I know we e only forty three minutes into this season. I know it takes a couple of episode of establishing the dominoes that will later fall to get some good action and plot progression.

I hopeful that Ghost Rider will assist bolster Brokers of SHIELD. Or at the very least, keep it on par with final season ratings.

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