Captain America: Civil War End Credit Defined

We’re back in Queens with a banged-up Peter Parker fresh from his huge airport battle alongside Tony Stark and the Avengers.

Men's Cotton Star Wars The Last Jedi Short Sleeve Tops TeesHis Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) is tending to his black eye asking precisely how he obtained injured. Parker says it was some guy named Steve from Brooklyn, a nod to Captain America and his hometown. He additionally says his pal was huge, referring to Ant-Man.

Aunt Might then leaves Parker to himself and he checks a gadget on his wrist, undoubtedly from his new greatest buddy Tony Stark. He hits a button and a hologram appears on the ceiling exhibiting off a Spider-Man brand.

The display fades to black and says Spider-Man will return.

What it means:

The looks of the Spidey brand should get fans hyped for a standalone Spider-Man movie. Whereas the thought of a third actor taking on the position of the webslinger may sound exhausting, there’s a lot to be enthusiastic about.

This time, Sony Photos, which has the rights to the Spider-Man franchise on movie, will not be handling the film alone. The studio has partnered with Marvel and Disney to deliver the next movie to screen. Titled “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” the film will deal with a youthful, teenaged Peter Parker who’s attempting to juggle faculty work and studying the basics of being a superhero.

Even better? He’ll be joined on display by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, who we expect to be appearing as his superhero mentor. If the chemistry the 2 have on this movie is any indication, then the upcoming standalone movie should be pretty implausible.

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