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Injustice 2 Fans Bemoan captain america sweatshirt mens 4th Aquaman Nerfs, Launch Petition To Reverse “Unreasonable” Adjustments

For the reason that launch of Injustice 2, the often-unappreciated Aquaman has steadily climbed the sport’s tiers, becoming maybe the most popular fighter amongst top-level gamers. Aquaman can zone, deal out heavy shut-quarters damage, doesn’t leave loads of openings, and is just a very balanced, highly effective character.

Properly, Aquaman’s normal awesomeness is about to be toned down somewhat. Injustice 2 has a giant balance patch incoming, and a latest Watchtower livestream revealed Aquaman is without doubt captain america sweatshirt mens 4th one of the characters getting nerfed. Here’s how WWG’s own Matthew Hayes described the modifications:

“Everyone knew that Aquaman wanted a nerf. He was proper there below Black Adam in every tier record. His Trident rush has been toned down quite a bit, and does approach less chip harm on block (and builds less meter).