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Zack Snyder Teases Superman Villain BRAINIAC For Future Films

There have been six Superman films launched since 1978, and to date we’ve just seen two villains from the comics in them: captain america white t shirt india korean Lex Luthor (four times, soon to be five) and General Zod and his Kryptonian minions (twice.) Meanwhile, Brainiac, one of Superman’s best villains, and arguably considered one of the best villains in your entire DC Universe, has been passed over time and again for the large screen.

Effectively, it seems like that may finally be altering quickly, as Batman Vs. Superman director Zack Snyder has confirmed that Brainiac is certainly on his Men’s Print black adam default Short Sleeve T-Shirt way. In an interview with Leisure Weekly, Snyder, in reference to who the unhealthy man could be in a Man of Steel comply with-up film, stated “I remember talking about, ‘What’s the following villain ‘We can’t do another captain america white t shirt india korean alien invasion.’ Brainiac was positively down the street.”

Whereas that implies that Brainiac would possibly show up in a proper Man of Steel sequel, rumor has it that as a substitute, Brainiac can be the principle villain of Justice League, Part One (with Darkseid following him in part Two.) Of all the Superman villains, Brainiac makes sense as an enormous sufficient world threat that the superhero would wish the help of the League to cease him. So don’t be stunned if we see Brainiac sooner rather than later, even before a second solo Superman movie.

In the comics, Brainiac has long been considered Superman’s #2 villain, right behind Luthor. There have been several versions of him, but he’s virtually at all times an alien artificial intelligence, normally from the planet Colu, who roams the universe gathering data from different worlds, and then ‘deleting’ that world, so as to make that knowledge much more beneficial and uncommon. In recent years, Superman writer Geoff Johns gave Brainiac a proper aesthetic and narrative improve, and so the character is perectly primed for the massive screen. Simply as long as he’s obtained that cool wanting skull ship, I believe followers will probably be pleased.