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Injustice 2 (Video Game)

Ghostbusters:- In his pre-fight introduction with Darkseid, Brainiac asks him if he’s a god. comics Naturally, Darkseid says sure.
– Considered one of Pink Hood’s responses to the Joker is, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

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Harley’s chapter is titled The Woman Who Laughs. Additionally, in said chapter, she tells the Swamp Thing: “You’re amazing!”, referencing the animated collection’ opening theme song.
Aquaman and Black Adam’s chapter is titled Three Kings, which refers to the monarch duo plus Grodd who gives the Title Drop.
In their pre-combat introduction, Harley asks cheap batman t shirts Mr Freeze if he’ll make her a pony, Freeze says he’ll make the “twilight sparkle”. Harley is completely satisfied to listen to that.
Certainly one of Red Hood’s mid-combat one-liners is a reference to You Solely Dwell Twice.
In considered one of their pre-struggle introductions, Captain Chilly states his coronary heart is frozen. Flash responds with “Let it go.” He additionally says this to Mr. Freeze.
Catwoman’s override code for Brother Eye is “LK-4D4.” That is Cyrax’s identification code in the Mortal Kombat series after his cybernetic conversion.
In the Gotham stage (exterior space), should you kick your opponent into the cinema sign thrice, the letters of the film title will fall away till the signal reads “Finish HIM”
The Wizard of Oz is referenced a couple of occasions in character intros with Firestorm offering Scarecrow “a bit of fireplace” (which he instantly acknowledges) and Cyborg calling Poison Ivy “Wicked Witch of the Green” and her in turn calling him “Tin Man”.
A Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy clash has them quoting the “I really like you / I do know” scene from The Empire Strikes Back.
After defeating Bane in Gorilla Metropolis, Green Arrow has this to say regarding Gorilla Grodd:Inexperienced Arrow: Now where’s that rattling dirty ape

Considered one of Gorilla Grodd’s clash quotes is that this self-conscious one-liner:Gorilla Grodd: You cheap batman t shirts damned, soiled human!

Certainly one of Cyborg’s clash quotes has him saying that it is time for Play of the game.
One among Deadshot’s opening interactions towards himself goes a little something like this:Deadshot 1: Only one among us is the very best shot.
Deadshot 2: Go forward and hit me with it.
Deadshot 1: Fireplace away.

A pre-fight interplay between Superman and Captain Chilly almost directly quotes Kung Fury:Superman: You bought a permit for that gun
Captain Cold: I received your permit proper here.

Batman’s “Gotham’s Hunter (Alternate)” shader is patterned after Women’s Civil War Agent 13 Print Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Boba Fett. Likewise, Cyborg’s “Man and Machine” shader represents Samus.
A possible quote from Physician Fate is “Shadow of Khemri”, referencing the Egyptian-themed Tomb Kings faction from Warhammer.
The Achievement for beating Story Mode is “Who’s Subsequent ”
A doable line from Braniac when dealing with off towards Batman references the Watchmen comic:Brainiac: You’re Earth’s biggest detective
Batman: So it has been stated.
Brainiac: The neatest ant continues to be an ant.
– Equally, some of Superman’s intro exchanges with Firestorm have him claim that he is stood on the solar, very similar to Physician Manhattan.

If Catwoman’s chosen to face off towards Grid, she takes a moment to assure Cyborg that she’ll “handle cheap batman t shirts Mr. Robotic”.
In a match between Brainiac and Power Woman, he calls her Kara Zor-El which she replies “Your princess is in one other castle, Brainiac”.
One intro between Batman and Ivy involves the former asking how she escaped, with the latter replying that “life finds a approach”.