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Crater Of Atom


Crater of Atom is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. A large detonation crater southwest of Boston, it was ground zero for the high-yield nuclear explosion which devastated Massachusetts and created the Glowing Sea.

The Crater of Atom hosts people from the Church of the Youngsters of Atom, who treat the placement as a holy site and appear inexplicably immune to its deadly radiation. The crater is the results of the large nuclear explosion that the sole Survivor sees seconds earlier than descending into Vault 111 in 2077. Throughout the crater is a metallic shack chicano batman t shirt price and some wood cabins and constructions, presumably constructed by the Children of Atom. A yellowish-inexperienced radioactive aura glows above the crater at all times and is visible from throughout the Commonwealth, especially at night time.

Brother Foster
Brother Griffith
Brother Ogden
Brother Ward
Mom Isolde
Sister Layla
Sister Verena

Notable lootEdit
Astoundingly Superior Tales #thirteen (+5% harm dealt to ghouls) on the second flooring of the home behind Mother Isolde.
Word from Brother Hoberman, on Mom Isolde.

Talking to Mom Isolde slowly removes any radiation the participant character at the moment has.
Attacking the Crater of Atom’s inhabitants and killing everybody within the camp will neither flip Virgil hostile, nor will it affect your current companion’s affinity. Not even companions who normally disapprove of harming non-hostiles (Piper or Curie for instance) show any reaction in any respect. – The Youngsters of Atom in the crater react extremely lethargically when under attack. Whereas stealth killing a single enemy in regular hostile strongholds will nearly immediately alert everyone on site if witnessed, the kids will solely retaliate if considered one of their very own is murdered in plain sight not more than a few meters away. The others simply resume no matter they’re doing and even greet the the player character when they come near.

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