Costa Rica Cash

The Costa Rican foreign money is the colon (CRC). The plural is colones. The money exchange charge for US dollars as of late is roughly 500 CRC = 1 USD. For euros, it is roughly 680 CRC to 1 EUR.

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Once you arrive in Costa Rica and are ready to trade money, resist the temptation to take action at the San Jose or Liberia airports. It is rather unlikely you’ll get the perfect exchange price there.

Ideally, change foreign money at native banking institutions. The neatest thing to do is visit the state banks, most notably Banco Nacional or Banco de Costa Rica, which can supply the perfect rates. (Keep in thoughts banks are open for enterprise Monday to Friday.) A large number of motels change money as effectively although the speed will doubtless be decrease and they may impose a price (normally round 1%).

If you have no colones on you, Costa Ricans will usually take US dollars. You are on the mercy of their “alternate price”, however, and you will most definitely get your change back in colones.

My recommendation: charge any purchases which you can and have the credit card company determine the currency conversion for you. You will get the perfect fee that way.

Costa Rica coins are available in numerous denominations. There are 5, 10, 25, 50, a hundred, and 500 colones coins. Bear in thoughts a 500 colones coin is round $1 in US dollars, so a 100 colones coin is about 20 cents US.

Bills (paper cash) are available in one thousand, 2000, 5000, 10000, and 20000 Wars denominations. The 5000 colones observe is equal to an US$10 bill, and 10000 colones is US$20. In case you have these easy conversions in thoughts as you journey around the nation, they may assist you to decide prices for issues.

It is a good idea to hold cash for small things reminiscent of snacks, bottle water, and ideas. Do not carry giant amounts of colones on you, relatively, solely withdraw small amounts as you suppose you will want them.

It is at all times a good idea to examine along with your financial institution earlier than you go relating to ATM withdrawals abroad. Forestall surprises in your bill by comparing the change charge and understanding any fees or surcharges. The rate could also be competitive and an ATM card is actually more handy than attending to the financial institution during business hours.

ATMs are in all places as of late, and as long as the ATM is on the PLUS or CIRRUS system, you shouldn’t have any problems withdrawing money. Along with Costa Rica colones, you possibly can often withdraw US dollars as effectively.

Have a backup ATM card useful in case it will get misplaced or stolen. (Saved separately, after all.)

If you are staying within the tourist areas, having colones on you can be less essential as credit score cards are extensively accepted

Once you stray off the beaten path, although, it’s a good suggestion to have money with you. The small villages we passed by way of simply weren’t equipped to handle credit score cards. It is not an enormous deal if you do not need to stop, however if your gas tank is running low you will be in trouble without money. Just remember to not flash large bills — keep that cash concealed and have your smaller payments handy.

If you’re going to have to money travelers checks, probably there might be a 1% payment plus a further flat payment (< $5 USD). For those, a state bank is the best place cash them in.

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