Cute Hamster Names

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On the subject of naming pets (on this case, a hamster), we often name it after our favorite cartoon character or our favourite rock star or movie star. We choose names which is able to remind us of one thing or someone, or perhaps a reputation that helps us remember something really good. Furthermore, the names that women have for their pet hamster is something that boys are never going to make use of, and vice verse. Here are some cute female and male hamster names.

Names for BoysNames for Ladies

Sometimes, you might also get hamsters in pairs. Identify them one thing that can rhyme with each other or maybe complement one another, corresponding to Batman and Robin, Fred and Barney, or Tom and Jerry, and so forth. Listed here are some hamster names for pairs which offers you some ideas.

Names for Pairs
Cherry and BlossomZulu and Lulu
Missy and DissyJinx and Binx
Momo and BoboBonnie and Clyde
Calvin and HobbesCup and Cake
Diego and SidGoofy and Goober
Julius and CaesarMango and Tango
Oscar and FelixPhoebe and Ursula
Ross and RachelChandler and Monica
Batman and RobinSnoopy and Droopy
Adam and EveTimon and Pumbaa
Wilbur and OrvilleYin and Yang
Zeus and RoxannePooh and Piglet

These were some cute girl and boy hamster names. These names will enable you to select one in your pet if you run out of ideas. If you would like, it’s also possible to put on your considering cap and come up with something new Wars and different. If you cannot, then this listing will make it easier for you.

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