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Cheap 100% Cotton Summer C3PO Children's T-shirtDr. June Moone is an archeologist who was possessed by an historic and extremely powerful mystical being named Enchantress.

June Moone was born on August 17, 1988, in Washington D.C. She first heard what she later recognized because the voice of Enchantress throughout her first discipline expedition in 2010, while accumulating information for her thesis. Fearing schizophrenia, she took a leave from her studies.


Dr. June Moone was exploring the Tres Osos Caves in the north-central highlands of Peru when in she became misplaced on her expedition.[2] After attempting to retrace her steps for several hours before slipping into a wide crevice and falling right into a cavern containing a tomb. A doll shaped container caught her eye and she promptly opened it, releasing the spirit of an ancient deity. The spirit then possesses June’s body, inhabiting her regular self until she says the phrase “Enchantress”, upon which her regular consciousness is overtaken by the historical spirit inside.

It isn’t long before she comes to the attention of Amanda Waller throughout her seek for metahumans for the United States authorities. She sends her subordinate Colonel Rick Flag to apprehend her and watch over June. Not earlier than long June and Rick fall in love, fulfilling Waller’s intention to achieve leverage over the each of them. In the meantime Waller sends people to find the tomb wherein June was possessed and find the spirit’s “heart”, the one thing capable of controlling it. Once in Waller’s possession, she has the power to manage the Enchantress.

When Waller approaches the federal government for approval to type Process Pressure X, June accompanies her for the aim of turning herself into the Enchantress in front of the committee to convince the members of the use of harnessing criminals and metahumans for military functions. She makes use of her teleportation talents to warp to Iran and obtain a file containing the Iranian nuclear arsenal stock as a reward to impress the chairman and Waller is then given their authorization.


Soon after, June transforms into the Enchantress during her sleep while in Midway City. She teleports away and opens one other vial, which incorporates the spirit of her brother Incubus. She goes to Midway Metropolis and incapacitates a man in the subway to make use of as a host for Incubus as soon as she releases him. She tells him to wait and build up his powers. For the rest of the time, June’s physique is used as a vessel for the Enchantress as she builds up her military and assembles her powers.

Ultimate battle

Ultimately, the Suicide Squad managed to make it to the place the place Enchantress was held up at and engaged each her and her brother, Incubus, in battle. This lead to El Diablo having to use his full powers and battle off Incubus which resulted in a bomb blowing up beneath them and killing each of them in the process. Enchantress then compelled away all the Squad members’ weapons and tried to convince them once more to affix her, however Harley Quinn instead borrowed the Soultaker and sliced Enchantress which result in her downfall and ultimately her demise. Despite her dying nonetheless, June is revealed to be alive and is taken back house.

June seems to be a sweet and sort lady, intelligent and fascinated up to now of ancient cultures. Nevertheless, she made the mistake of opening the vial containing the spirit of the malevolent Enchantress, turning into host to the evil inter-dimensional entity. Since then, June lived in concern of Enchantress taking her over; nevertheless, it seems the witch could not keep control of her for lengthy periods of time. Over time, June turned frightened and needed help. This got here within the type of Rick Flag, who was assigned to guard her and finally grew to become her lover, thereby giving her the emotional assist she needed.

Regardless of a lover to keep her worries at bay, June feared that in the future Enchantress would take over for good, and due to this fact she begged Rick to kill Enchantress if things went catastrophically incorrect, even when that meant that she would die in the process too. June’s fears were nearly realized in the course of the Midway City incident, however she was finally able to survive Enchantress’ demise and reunited with Rick Flag.

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