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Five Thousand Years In the past

Black Adam is a supervillain and an enemy of Captain Marvel and your complete Marvel Household.

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5 thousand years ago, in the parallel universe of Earth-S, the Champion, now going by the identify of Shazam, feels the necessity to move alongside his powers to a successor. He selects the pharaoh’s son Teth-Adam (which actually means “Mighty Human”) to obtain the facility to change into the superpowered Mighty Adam by speaking the word “SHAZAM!” Not like Billy Batson, the power corrupted Teth-Adam and he turned to evil. It was in fact Teth-Adam’s corruption that led Shazam to choose a young boy to be his next successor, one too innocent to be corrupted by his powers.

Continuity from Filmation animated collection The kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! (1981)
Teth-Adam was a man from Egypt who had tremendous powers magically bestowed upon him by the wizard known as the Champion. Over time although, he began to make use of his powers for evil and started calling himself Black Adam. Because of this, the Champion banishes Teth-Adam to the top of the universe. It took him 5,000 years to return to earth, to assert the entombed, Egyptian Princess Jemi as his bride. After the Princess is killed, Black Adam decides to take Mary Marvel as his bride, so he casts a spell upon her, and so they fly off into space to begin a life on one other planet the place they planned to enslave the natives and force them to construct the pyramids for them. But later, Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. devised a technique to trick him into saying the identify of the wizard, “Shazam,” which reworked him again to his mortal form, and since his mortal form was over 5,000 years outdated, he instantly turned to dust, and Mary was freed from his magic spell.

Later he inexplicably discovered a strategy to return to life, and attempted to destroy North America by inflicting a catastrophic volcanic eruption. Once more the Marvels tricked him into saying Shazam, but this time he was despatched again to the days of ancient Egypt.

Divine Empowerment:
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Strength
Chilly manipulation
Within the Filmation collection he additionally wields Magic spells along with his Shazam powers, maybe to degree the sector against the more numerous Marvel Family.

Because Black Adam has lived for so many centuries in his deadpool 4xl shirt uk superhuman kind, he cannot threat turning back deadpool 4xl shirt uk to a mortal being or else he will immediately revert to his right chronological age. Uncle Marvel as soon as tricked Black Adam into talking the magic phrase “Shazam”, and the magic lightning bolt turned him right into a withered, ancient skeleton. Black Adam discovered a way to return to life however, and got here again to plague the Marvels.

The kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!
Black Adam’s Return
Slightly One thing Further

Black Adam was created in 1945 by Otto Binder & C. C. Beck for Fawcett Comics.
He first appeared in Marvel Household, vol.1 #1 (December, 1945)

Industrial Toy Werks created an motion figure of Black Adam for the Tremendous Powers Assortment.