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Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Captain Marvel, a.okay.a. Carol Danvers is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure that appears in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. She made a bodily look in 2016.


US Air Power Special Operations Colonel Carol Danvers was deadpool mens shirt 50 the youngest security captain in NASA’s history when she befriended Dr. Walter Lawson, actually the undercover Kree warrior Mar-Vell (recognized to Earth as Captain Marvel) and became entangled in the schemes of the Kree Empire. During a battle between Captain Marvel and his enemy Yon-Rogg, Carol was exposed to a type of radiation generated by the Kree Psyche-Magnitron, a gadget that would turn imagination into actuality. When the device exploded, Carol’s want to be highly effective sufficient to protect herself and an injured Mar-Vell got here true as it altered her genetic structure and successfully made her a half-Kree superhuman. She gained the powers of flight, super-durability and tremendous-power along with power projection and heat absorbtion. Initially tremendous-heroing beneath the title Ms. Marvel (a nod to her buddy Mar-Vell), Carol took over the mantle Captain Marvel after Mar-Vell’s dying at Captain America’s urging. She has additionally turn out to be a mentor to younger heroine Kamala Khan, who took on Carol’s outdated mantle of Ms. Marvel.

Carol is carefully linked with the fashionable Guardians of the Galaxy, steadily working with them and even serving as a member of the group for a quick period of time.
Carol and Kamala should not the only folks to hold the mantle of Ms. Marvel. Monica Rambeau, a Navy Lieutenant who gained cosmic powers in a freak deadpool mens shirt 50 accident. She additionally served as a member of the Avengers, later taking on the superhero identity of Photon.