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Amanda Seyfried Is Red Riding Hood In Very Adult Version Of children’s Fairytale

Not one for the children! Amanda Seyfried is Red Riding Hood in very grown-up model of kids’s fairytale

By Each day Mail Reporter
Up to date: 17:47 GMT, 24 August 2011
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It appears to be like like the story of Red Riding Hood goes to be much sexier with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke directing.

New stills from the film present Amanda Seyfried in the title role, as Red Riding Hood/ Valerie.
And, like Twilight, the environment of the movie, set in a medieval village, could be very darkish, gothic and greater than just a little raunchy.

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Dark: Catherine Hardwicke directed the new Red Riding Hood film, starring Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried plays a girl in love with brooding hunk Peter, played by Shiloh Fernandez.
However her parents have arranged a marriage for her to the wealthy Henry, performed by Max Irons.

Decided to remain collectively, Valerie and Peter are planning to run away collectively once they find out that Valerie’s older sister has been killed by a werewolf.

Brooding: Catherine Hardwicke also directed the primary Twilight film, additionally dark, gothic and steamy
The villagers have been dealing with the werewolf for years, but animal sacrifices have all the time kept it at bay.

However now it begins killing people, and so werewolf hunter Father Solomon, played by Gary Oldman, is brought in to kill the beast.

But Solomon warns that the wolf, who takes human type by day, may very well be any one of them – and Valerie starts to suspect she may know who it is.

Steamy! This version of Red Riding Hood is a bit bit more adult than demon tshirt the kids’s fairytale
Red Riding Hood: Amanda loves Hardwicke’s model of the story, and the way darkish and gothic it is

Seyfried loves the tone of the film, and the way edgy Hardwicke has made it.
She says: Red Riding Hood is a basic fairy tale that everyone knows, and what fans can expect from this version of the story is that it’s mainly just a jumping-off level.

‘Catherine Hardwicke demon tshirt has simply fully turned this story into one thing edgy and gothic and darkish, and she’s clearly any person that is very capable of turning one thing, every part into an extraordinary world, as we have seen before.’

Romance: Amanda will get up close and private with Shiloh Fernandez as the woodcutter she falls in love with

And the large Love actress guarantees loads of drama and action.
She says: ‘And also there’s a romance facet to the film, which isn’t within the fairy Aquaman tale … a variety of romance and loads of danger. There’s a wolf at the center of the story, and it’s thrilling ‘trigger it is a whodunit.’

‘Followers might be surprised by the tone of the movie. Catherine simply completely throws it into this dark world, and it’s a demon tshirt little bit scarier than it was meant to be when it was written.

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