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Marvel Universe (toyline)

Marvel Universe is a 3 3⁄4″ action figure line manufactured by Hasbro, that includes characters from the Marvel Comics universe. It first hit stores in early 2009 and features detailed sculpting, multiple points of articulation, and equipment. The road was created by Hasbro Designer Dave Vonner.

1 Single Carded Figures – Series 1 (Fury Information) 1.1 Wave 1 – March 2009
1.2 Wave 2 – March 2009
1.3 Wave three – April 2009
1.4 Wave four – Could 2009
1.5 Wave 5 – September 2009

2.1 Wave 6 – October 2009
2.2 Wave 7 – Feb 2010
2.3 Wave 8 – April 2010
2.Four Wave 9 – June 2010
2.5 Wave 10 – September 2010
2.6 Wave 11 – October 2010

three.1 Wave 12 – December 2010
three.2 Wave 13 – April 2011
3.Three Wave 14 – July 2011
three.4 Wave 15 – September 2011
3.5 Wave sixteen – October 2011

four.1 Wave 17 – December 2011
4.2 Wave 18 – August 2012
4.Three Wave 19 – August 2012
four.4 Wave 20 – January 2013
four.5 Wave 21 – November 2012

5.1 Wave 22 – July 2013
5.2 Wave 23 – September 2013
5.Three Wave 24 – November 2013 – Remaining Wave
6.1 Wave 1 2014 – March 2014
6.2 Wave 2 2014 – Could 2014
6.3 Wave three 2014 – June 2014
6.4 Wave 4 2014 – July 2014
6.5 Wave 1 2015 – January 2015
6.6 Wave 2 2015 – April 2015
6.7 Wave three 2015 – September 2015

7.1 Wave 1 2016 – February 2016
7.2 Wave 2 2016 – March 2016
7.Three Wave three 2016 – Could 2016
7.Four Wave 1 2017 – December 2016
7.5 Wave 2 2017 – October 2017
7.6 Unconfirmed

8.1 Wave 1 – August 2009
eight.2 Wave 2 – September 2009
eight.Three Wave 3 – Early 2010
eight.Four Wave 4 – March 2010

9.1 Wave 5 – August 2010
9.2 Wave 6 – August 2010
9.Three Wave 7 – March 2011
9.4 Wave 8 – Summer time 2011
9.5 Wave 9 – September 2011
9.6 Wave 10 – November 2011
9.7 Wave 11 – December 2011
9.8 Wave 12 – July 2012
9.9 Wave 13 – July 2012
9.10 Wave 14 – November 2012
9.11 Cancelled

10.1 Wave 1 – February 2016
10.2 Wave 2 – July 2016
10.Three Wave three – August 2016
eleven.1 2011
eleven.2 2012
eleven.Three 2013
eleven.Four Cancelled

12.1 Wave 1 – October 2009
12.2 Wave 2 – April 2011
thirteen.1 Wave 1 – October 2010
thirteen.2 Wave 2 – Fall 2011
thirteen.Three Wave three – Cancelled

14.1 Marvel Digital Comics Limitless Mail-Aways
14.2 San Diego Comic-Convention
14.3 Battle Three-Packs – August 2009
14.4 Battle Two-Packs – July 2010
14.5 35th Anniversary Large Size X-Men Field-set
14.6 New York Comedian Con 2011
14.7 Final Present Set
14.Eight Avengers Light-Up Base Figures 14.Eight.1 Wave 1 – October 2011
14.8.2 Wave 2 – April 2012

Single Carded Figures – Series 1 (Fury Files)[edit]
The first collection of single carded figures are marketed below the identify Fury Recordsdata, with Nick Fury doctor t shirt appearing on the again of the packaging. Each determine comes with a “Prime Secret” envelope which includes a Superhuman Registration Act card and official S.H.I.E.L.D. document for each character. The packages additionally function character art by Frank Cho. Variants or running changes that share the identical numbering as the original determine are famous by an asterisk to the appropriate of a figure followed by “W#”, with # being the wave that the variant was launched alongside and “R” representing which Revision case of the Wave. All of Collection 1 first prints also got here with the blue Nick Fury Exclusive Determine Supply sticker that is located at the highest proper hand nook of the plastic shell.

Wave 1 – March 2009[edit]
Wave 2 – March 2009[edit]

Wave 3 – April 2009[edit]
Wave four – May 2009[edit]

additionally obtainable w/ weapons holstered in belt
Wave 5 – September 2009[edit]

Single Carded Figures – Collection 2 (H.A.M.M.E.R. Recordsdata)[edit]
The second series of single carded figures continued underneath the Fury Information label, but were based mostly round Marvel’s Darkish Reign storyline, where Norman Osborn has dissolved S.H.I.E.L.D. and replaced it with H.A.M.M.E.R.his personal group. As such, he changed Nick Fury on the back of the packaging. Artwork was now completed by Mike Deodato. Beginning with this sequence, all single carded figures included figure stands.

Wave 6 – October 2009[edit]
Wave 7 – Feb 2010[edit]

The Captain America and Thor variants have been shock repaints that appeared in late 2011, primarily at Household Dollar stores within the United States and as such are informally referred to as “Family Dollar variants”.

Wave 8 – April 2010[edit]
Wave 9 – June 2010[edit]

Wave 10 – September 2010[edit]
Wave 11 – October 2010[edit]

Single Carded Figures – Series three[edit]
The third sequence of single carded figures debuted in December 2010 and featured character artwork by Olivier Coipel (Waves 12 and thirteen), Simone Bianchi (Waves 14 and 15) and Ed McGuinness (Wave 16). Not like sequence 1 and a couple of, it did not embrace file playing cards. The theme is as soon as once more S.H.I.E.L.D.but with Steve Rogers now in cost and changing Norman Osborn on the again of the packaging. Sequence three characters additionally fluctuate depending on what coloration of S.H.E.I.L.D. emblem they include. Most are gold coloured, others have black or are available in each colors. Photos of character on packaging card could also be reversed.

Wave 12 – December 2010[edit]
World Struggle Hulk, Modular Iron Man and Spider-Man 2099 packed two to a 12-determine case, with one each of Captain Marvel, Doc Samson and Spider-Girl, plus repacks one every of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor from Wave 7.

Wave 13 – April 2011[edit]
First Look Wolverine, Apocalypse and Gladiator packed two to a 12-figure case, with one every of Cable and Cyclops, plus repacks of one every of World Warfare Hulk, Modular Iron Man, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Woman from Wave 12.

Wave 14 – July 2011[edit]
Each figure packed two to a 12-figure case, plus repacks of 1 every of Apocalypse and Gladiator from Wave thirteen.

Wave 15 – September 2011[edit]
Every determine packed two to a 12-determine case, plus repacks of 1 every of Falcon and Dr. Doom from Wave 14.

Wave 16 – October 2011[edit]
Every determine packed two to a 12-determine case, plus repacks of one every of Sub-Mariner and Steve Rogers Captain America from Wave 15.

Single Carded Figures – Series four[edit]
The fourth sequence of single carded figures debuted in December 2011. Character art was by Ed McGuinness (Wave 17 and 18) and Mike Deodato (Wave 19, Wave 20 and Wave 21). Not like Collection 2 and Series three, it didn’t include figure stands. There was no theme, with the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem replaced by comic cowl shot artwork particular to every determine. Replacing Steve Rogers on the back of the packaging was a rotation of characters: Deadpool (Wave 17), Rocket Raccoon (Wave 18), M.O.D.O.Okay. (Wave 19), Sasquatch (Wave 20) and Dazzler (Wave 21). And fairly than just one saying across a wave, these characters had completely different text bubbles for each figure.

Wave 17 – December 2011[edit]
Each figure packed two to a 12-figure case, with no repacks from Wave 16 as this wave has an additional sixth determine.

Wave 18 – August 2012[edit]
Each determine packed two to a 12-figure case, plus repacks of 1 each of Green Hulk (Wave 2) and Ghost Rider (Wave 10).

Wave 19 – August 2012[edit]
She-Hulk, Punisher and Spider-Man (Future Basis or Bag Head) packed two to a 12-determine case, with one each of Kang and Scarlet Witch, plus repacks of 1 every of Spider-Man (Wave 5), Thor (Wave 7), Ghost Rider (Wave 10) and Falcon (Wave 14). This is the primary instance of latest figures being “quick-packed” since Wave 13.

Wave 20 – January 2013[edit]
Hercules and Nighthawk packed two to a 12-figure case, with one each of Angel, Nova and Puck, plus repacks of 1 each of Captain America (Wave 2) and World Warfare Hulk (Wave 12), as well as Final Spider-Man, Hulk and Beast (all Wave 18).

Wave 21 – November 2012[edit]
Released in Brazil, Mexico and choose Asian markets in August, however not till November in North America.

Every figure packed two to a 12-figure case, plus repacks of Silver Surfer (Wave 1), Psylocke (Wave 17), Hulk (Wave 18), Final Spider-Man (Wave 18), Beta Ray Bill (Wave 18) and Bag Head Spider-Man (Wave 19).

Single Carded Figures – Collection 5[edit]
The fifth collection of single carded figures will debut in Summer 2013. New character artwork is by Mike Deodato. Persevering with on from Collection four, it didn’t include determine stands. There was nonetheless no theme and it no longer included the comedian cowl shot artwork specific to every determine that was featured in Collection 4. For the first time, the promotional photos on the again of the packaging in some situations featured older figures somewhat than those new in the present wave.

Wave 22 – July 2013[edit]
Every determine packed two to a 12-determine case, plus repacks of Silver Surfer (Wave 1), Black Costume Spider-Man (Wave 3), Iron Spider-Man (Wave 9) and Iron Fist (Wave 17, repainted inexperienced). Unlike previous waves, the repacks have been repackaged as Collection 5 and inserted into the wave numbering (Silver Surfer 001, Iron Fist 002, Black Costume Spider-Man 007 and Iron Spider-Man 008).

The artwork at the underside of the back featured Troll.
Wave 23 – September 2013[edit]

There are two units of variants in this wave: A-Bomb and Abomination (packaged as “Marvel’s Abominations”); Cloak and Dagger (as “Marvel Knights”). Cloak/Dagger, Iron Man, A-Bomb/Abomination and Baron Zemo are packed two to a 12-determine case, plus repacks of Wolverine (X-Force) (Wave 1), Ghost Rider (Wave 10, repainted black with blue trim), Hulk (Wave 18, repainted grey) and Captain America (Wave 22). Continuing the practice for Series 5, the repacks are repackaged and inserted into the wave numbering.

Wolverine (Astonishing) 009, Thanos 010, Wolverine (X-Power) 011, Dark Hawkeye 012, Crimson Hulk 013, Spider-Man 014, Punisher 015, Nova 016, Ghost Rider 020, Hulk (Gray) 021. Operating Change: Colossus 024, Warpath (X-Power) 025.

The artwork at the underside of the again featured the Watcher. Repacks featured Cosmo.
Wave 24 – November 2013 – Last Wave[edit]

Aurora was announced as a variant (under the title “Alpha Flight”) with Northstar (appearing on the back of her packaging), but he was not launched till 2015 Wave three.

Omega Red, Aurora, Nightcrawler and Black Knight are each packed 1 per case. Repacks consisted of already released figures from the earlier waves (no new repacks).

The artwork at the bottom of the again featured Sleepwalker.
Single Carded Figures – Marvel Infinite Sequence[edit]

Hasbro introduced at San Diego Comedian-Con 2013 that the Marvel Universe toyline would finish in 2013, changed by a new line targeted on Avengers in 2014 and shifting to X-Males in 2015. It was then clarified that this was only a rebranding train and primarily a continuation of the outdated line. While promoted to retailers as “Avengers Infinite” (with some characters carrying a “Marvel Platinum” billing), the precise packaging refers solely to “Marvel Infinite Sequence”. There isn’t any explicit mention of an Avengers focus, however some delicate iconography (Mojnir, Captain America’s star, Iron Man’s head and Hulk’s fist). The shift in focus to X-Men didn’t occur, with no modifications in 2015 to the packaging nor to the character selection.

Impressed by Hasbro’s Star Wars “The black series”, the packaging is on a smaller card with a black background and the toyline name adopted by the above-mentioned Avengers icons. There isn’t any entrance character artwork, but the cardback has a picture of the figure and outline, along with thumbnails of each of the other figures in the wave. In an extra departure, there is no such thing as a mention of a collection number or of any obvious figure numbering. Nevertheless, refers to an item number for every figure (listed on the cardboard insert inside the entrance bubble), which is referred to beneath for ordering the figures.

Wave 1 2014 – March 2014[edit]
Hulk, Grim Reaper and Hyperion packed two to a 12-figure case, with one Wasp, in addition to three of Iron Man and two of Captain America.

Wave 2 2014 – Might 2014[edit]
Every determine packed one to a 12-determine case, plus repacks of Grim Reaper, Hyperion, Wasp, Heroic Age Iron Man and Captain America from Infinite Wave 1.

Wave 3 2014 – June 2014[edit]
Wave 4 2014 – July 2014[edit]

Every figure packed two to a 12-determine case, plus repacks of two every of Hulk (Infinite Wave 1) and Death’s Head (Infinite Wave 2).

Wave 1 2015 – January 2015[edit]
Huge Time Spider-Man, Basic Sandman and Blue Beast packed two to a 12-figure case, with one in every of one another figure.

Wave 2 2015 – April 2015[edit]
Colossus (as Juggernaut) (from cancelled Astonishing X-Men set) and Northstar (unreleased from Wave 24) both appear as promoted figures on some of the again packaging to this wave, but weren’t launched until the following wave.

Wave 3 2015 – September 2015[edit]
Every determine packed two to a 12-figure case.

Scarlet Spider (Kaine version) and Ultron (gold repaint) seem as promoted figures on some of the again packaging of this wave. Nonetheless, neither had been released as Colossus (as Juggernaut) and Northstar have been moved into this wave from the previous one. Hasbro introduced at SDCC 2015 that Scarlet Spider would be a part of a comic pack.

Single Carded Figures – Marvel Legends Series[edit]
At New York Comic Con 2015, Hasbro revealed new carded figures rebranded beneath the Marvel Legends Collection moniker, which had been urged at on its presentation slides at SDCC 2015. As a part of the rebranding, the bundle artwork featured the return of character artwork on the card entrance, which had been lost beneath the Infinite Series. The primary change on the card again was to feature all the figures within the wave (including the determine on that card). Beforehand, the Infinite Collection had teased simply three other figures from that wave, with the assortment various from figure to figure.

Wave 1 2016 – February 2016[edit]
These figures were revealed by Hasbro at SDCC 2015 on a single presentation slide, which was then confirmed to be a wave with carded figures proven at NYCC 2015.

Each determine packed one to an 8-determine case.
Wave 2 2016 – March 2016[edit]

The new figures in this wave have been revealed by Hasbro at its Marvel Panel at SDCC 2015.
Every determine packed one to an 8-figure case, except for Vision that’s packed two to a case.

Wave 3 2016 – May 2016[edit]
Hydro-Man, Quasar, Rogue and Morbius have been revealed by Hasbro on its Pulse webpage in December 2015 (and confirmed as being in Wave three), with the figures first proven at New York Toy Honest 2016 in February 2016.

Each figure packed one to an eight-determine case, together with repacks of Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther (all Wave 1 2016) and Armored Spider-Man (Wave 2 2016).

Wave 1 2017 – December 2016[edit]
Wolverine and Invincible Iron Man packed two to an eight-figure case, with certainly one of each other figure.

Wave 2 2017 – October 2017[edit]
Case proportions not but know, contains repacks of Captain Marvel and Spider-Man Noir (both Wave 1 2016).[6]

Some determine names and product numbers have been found on a retailer’s database. Black Bolt has a product number, however has yet to be discussed in any respect by Hasbro.

Comic Packs – Series 1 (Secret Wars: Twenty fifth Anniversary)[edit]
Every two-pack includes a reprint from Marvel’s Secret Wars comedian sequence and features original artwork from Bob Layton on the packaging.

Wave 1 – August 2009[edit]
Wave 2 – September 2009[edit]

Wave three – Early 2010[edit]
Wave 4 – March 2010[edit]

Comedian Packs – Sequence 2 (Marvel’s Biggest Battles)[edit]
The second series of Comic Packs are focused on well-known battles that occurred in single points.

Wave 5 – August 2010[edit]
Wave 6 – August 2010[edit]

Wave 7 – March 2011[edit]
Wave eight – Summer time 2011[edit]

Wave 9 – September 2011[edit]
Wave 10 – November 2011[edit]

Wave 11 – December 2011[edit]
Wave 12 – July 2012[edit]

Toys R Us Exclusive
Wave 13 – July 2012[edit]

Wave 14 – November 2012[edit]
The key Avengers comic pack was proven at conventions and was even marketed on, however never made it to retail though a few of them bought on eBay.

Comedian Packs – Marvel Legends Sequence[edit]
At SDCC 2015, Hasbro introduced the return of comedian packs with two waves revealed.

Wave 1 – February 2016[edit]
Wave 2 – July 2016[edit]

Scarlet Spider (Kaine version) was initially supposed to be a single-card release and appears on some card backs for Marvel Infinite Series Wave 3 2015.

Wave 3 – August 2016[edit]
Workforce Packs[edit]



Hasbro revealed at conventions prototypes of those team units to be sold in the second half of 2013. Nevertheless, they had been cancelled with an indication that efforts would be made to reintroduce these figures within the rebranded Marvel Infinite toyline.

Gigantic Battles[edit]
Wave 1 – October 2009[edit]

This Walmart-exclusive wave contains an everyday 3 3⁄4″ scale figure with a bigger 12″ figure. Each can be packaged with a comedian guide, showing the inspiration for the set. An asterisk to the suitable of the comedian title denotes a variant determine or running change in the set.

Wave 2 – April 2011[edit]

This special line consists of tremendous-sized 19″ figures packaged with a regular 3 3⁄4″ figure. The giant figures will all include lights and sounds.

Wave 1 – October 2010[edit]
This wave has been released. The packaging, with artwork by Mike Deodato, is designed to lie on its side because of the large nature of the product. It can embrace a flip-open top so customers can see the determine inside. Hasbro brand supervisor Scott George provides the voice of Galactus.

Wave 2 – Fall 2011[edit]
Wave 3 – Cancelled[edit]

Hasbro revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 a finished prototype of Fin Fang Foom (orange model) for sale in 2012, nevertheless it was by no means launched and in 2013 was lastly confirmed as cancelled. It was said by David Vonner that the packaging would prominently feature Howard the Duck with Fin Fang Foom advertised as the pack-in determine, as a humorous reversal of the standard arrangement of the highest billing going to the big determine and the smaller being thought of a pack-in.

Marvel Digital Comics Limitless Mail-Aways[edit]

To obtain these figures, one would have to subscribe to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited web site. doctor t shirt The character offered appears to vary annually, with Nick Fury in 2009 and Archangel in 2010. New York Comedian Con 2010 attendees could purchase Archangel as an incentive for subscribing on the convention. In February 2011, provided Archangel to NEW subscribers only.

San Diego Comic-Convention[edit]
The next are all single-carded figures with their own special numbering and artwork by Joe Quesada. SD1 by way of SD4 are packaged collectively as part of The Invaders Box Set, while the black and white Captain America is bought individually from the set.

Battle Three-Packs – August 2009[edit]
This line consists of themed three-packs and are sold solely at Toys “R” Us. Hasbro mislabeled the Soldiers and Henchmen’s Chaste Ninja as a “white” Hand Ninja.

Battle Two-Packs – July 2010[edit]
These two-packs are unique to focus on and feature repaints and new our bodies for previously launched characters. Just like the Troopers and Henchmen 3-Pack’s “white” Hand Ninja, Hasbro misrepresents The Hand once once more with a new “black” Hand Ninja. In this version, the “black” Hand Ninja is a single individual who has educated extensively to fight exclusively with Wolverine.

35th Anniversary Giant Size X-Men Field-set[edit]
This set is a Toys R Us and Disney Store unique.

New York Comedian Con 2011[edit]

Ultimate Reward Set[edit]

This five pack was available by way of Wal-Mart within the winter of 2011 and featured repaints of previously launched figures.

Avengers Light-Up Base Figures[edit]
This collection is an exclusive to Toys “R” Us. Every figure comes with a mild-up base that connects to the bases of the rest of the sequence to form a S.H.I.E.L.D. platform.

Wave 1 – October 2011[edit]
Wave 2 – April 2012[edit]

Avengers Super Helicarrier[edit]
The Comedian Con model is marketed underneath the “Marvel Universe” line while the Toys R Us version is marketed below the “Avengers” line.

X-Issue Present Set[edit]
Released first at San Diego Comedian-Con 2012, then Toys R US.

New York Comedian Con 2012[edit]
Was only made obtainable to a really limited quantity of individuals invited to a Hasbro occasion on the eve of the convention.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (toyline), a compatible, 3 3⁄4″ Marvel film toyline from Hasbro in 2009.
Spider-Man (2010 toy line), a 3 3⁄4″ Marvel toyline from Hasbro in 2010, with some suitable figures.
– Captain America: The primary Avenger (toy line), a suitable, 3 3⁄4″ Marvel film toyline from Hasbro in 2011.
Thor: The Mighty Avenger (toy line), a compatible, 3 3⁄4″ Marvel movie toyline from Hasbro in 2011.
Wolverine and the X-Men (toyline), a 3 3⁄4″ Marvel television toyline from Hasbro in 2009, but incompatible as a result of animated style.
DC Universe Infinite Heroes, a similar 3 3⁄4″ toyline for DC Comics characters, but with less articulation and barely smaller.
Marvel Legends, a 6″ scale Marvel toyline from Hasbro, related in design with some figures upscaled from the 3 3⁄4″ toylines.

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