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Carnage Marauder Rotation Suggestions

Star Wars™: The Previous Republic, a story-pushed MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts.
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QuestionCarnage Marauder rotation tips. (self.swtor)

submitted 2 years in the past by geezerforhireSounds Like A superb Opportunity for Violence
hyperlink to parse:
I just obtained again into my marauder (final performed it pre 3.0) and have been working on my rotation. Ill continue working towards however was simply wondering if there’s anything particular im doing incorrect persistently.

[-]Lordchappy 1 point2 points3 points 2 years in the past* (1 child)

Use the rotation in this parse. That’s Hayete’s best parse, and the best combat parse in the sport. He makes use of the same rotation on each single parse. Here is a link to his full information: t=785316.

[-]ShadowStone The Ebon Hawk zero points1 point2 points 2 years in the past (6 kids)
I’d recommend trying out this information:

One of the best way to observe a rotation is to ensure you possibly can replicate it. In your parse, I see Massacre used 3x in a row, generally 2. Some of the Ravages are a bit off as nicely–typically you’re waiting between two or three further GCD (International Cool Downs) to use it once more from when it could be coming off cooldown.

Before you observe with openers, or with adrenals, work on getting your commonplace rotation down, memorized , that you can do along with your eyes closed so you are much less probably to miss a key in an precise battle.

Don’t forget that gear can play a huge part in your DPS numbers, especially Commendation Gear versus Optimized Set Bonus gear, however what you might have right now is in no means unhealthy.

I would also counsel dummy doctor who t shirt costume store parsing on the 500k droid to begin, than the 1.5m droid. The 500k allows the parse to be over faster, sure, but when you’re still learning, there isn’t any purpose to drag your self by means of an additional 1 million HP of hell because you cannot regain your rage.

[+]Raicen remark score beneath threshold-eight factors-7 factors-6 points 2 years ago (3 kids)
In case you wanna do group ranked PvP this rotation works best: ESC -> Logout -> create new character.

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