Does The Moon Actually Affect People?

Men's Lego Chewbacca Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsHubPages br>Training and Science br>Astronomy textual content-decoration:line-through” oncontextmenu=”return showBrokenLink(100950698, false);” onclick=”return showBrokenLink(100950698, false)”>Moon Cycles. Farmers seed and transplant in accordance with the waxing and waning of the moon.Root crops for waning and above floor for waxing.

**With the idea that gentle performs a huge half on the human psyche it might also stand to cause that the quantity of moonlight will have an effect on human behavior as nicely. Throughout the times round and after the total Moon when the sky is “lit up” may give people that extra charge of vitality. Extra vitality extra hyper-exercise extra crime more madness. The thought behind Seasonal Depression is that people are depressed in darkish days and energized by the Sun. It it’s true. Then, do folks act in a different way during the light of a Full Moon?

“The Studies”
Scientist and specialist in the sector of Astro bla bla bla have been studying the effects of the moon on human conduct for years.

The University of Miami: They conducted a 15 years research on homicide in Dade, County Florida. There were a total of 1,887 murders and just about all of them rose and fell with the the cycles of the Moon. The murders rose on the complete moon and fell on the first and final quarter. They checked this examine towards one conducted in Cuyahega County, Ohio. Positive sufficient they Ohio examine found the identical thing.

Court: In 18th century England a murderer might really plead “lunacy” if he or she had committed the murder on a full moon.

Psychiatrists: Some Psychiatrists have achieved research that present that psychotically based mostly crimes comparable to murder,arson, stealing and even bad driving rise on the full moon.

Southern California Methodist Hospital: Did a study displaying that more infants have been conceived on a waxing moon. They studied 11,025 births or a six year interval and located that nearly 1,000 more have been conceived at the moment.

W. Buehler: A researcher studied 33,000 births and located a serious predominance of males at the time of a waxing moon.

**Think about it. If the moon can impact tides why not effect the speed at which sperm swim. Male sperm usually are the slower swimmers. Is it doable at the total moon they can race and go the feminine sperm at that time. Our our bodies are water.Food for thought.

Click on thumbnail to view full-measurement Films and Songs With Moon Within the Title
Motion pictures

Tea Home Of The August Moon 1956

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Moon Struck 1987

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Moon 2009


Unhealthy Moon Risin- CCR

Blue Moon- The Marcels

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Moon Dance- Van Morrison

Bark On the Moon- Ozzy

Fly Me To The Moon- Frank Sinatra

Full Moon- The Kinks

Harvest Moon- Neil Younger

Child Of The Moon- Rolling Stones

There are numerous more songs and lots of more films these are just a taste to display the impact the moon has on the media. Some how if you place moon in the title folks shall be intrigued, joyful and want to hear or see your product. Cha-Ching!

Who Knows
Properly ,at the tip of the day or should I say night, can we “really” know if the moon effects human behavior. Effectively, perhaps we do and perhaps we do not. We all know for certain the moon effects the tides. After that it’s up to you to formulate your own opinion.

One factor I think all of us can agree on is the moon is lovely,attractive, a thriller and possibly not made out of Swiss cheese.

Does the moon effect individuals
Do you think the moon can impact human behavior?


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sendingMcwheelchair 5 months in the past

It occurs okay

GreenMind eleven months ago from USA

Interesting article — I like the best way you write! The moon is a really mysterious part of the natural order.

Paola 5 years ago

I work at a hospital.. Larger episodes of suicide attempt, domestic violence, and bi-polor episodes.. Whenever there’s a full moon, we mentally prepare for an exciting day

dak 7 years in the past

lunatic phrase is derived from lunar. So i believe The moon Really Have an effect on Folks.…

The full moon will be utilized in our benefit too. When making an attempt to do something when we need that further power or if doing visualization. Or perhaps rest such as you said.

I do know once you ask a police officer they all the time agree that is why I chortle on the de-bunkers out there they often are not in the “business” to know what really goes on.

loriamoore 7 years in the past

My husband was a police officer and he tells me stories of how they dreaded full moons because it was at all times going to be a difficult night as a result of people obtained “looney.”

Michelle Cesare 7 years ago from New York

Hi Scarlett,

Very interesting Hub. I discovered a whole lot. The Blue Moon, I by no means knew what it truly was. Thanks. Of course I’ve used the saying/phrase.

I do understand that most people get crazed and more aggressive than regular when it is a full moon But it surely effects (I hope I am utilizing effect properly) me otherwise. I’ve observed over time I turn into calm and want solitude. I respect being home hanging low when it is a full moon.

Have an incredible day.

AuthorScarlett Black 7 years ago from New York

I do agree fully. It just is. Thanks.

carolina muscle 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

Nicely, any public safety officer will say that the moon makes folks more aggressive, extra anxious… typically just CRAZIER.


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