Dokora Was Mugabes Blue Eyed Boy In Cuba

He said for 4 years he (Shumba) was a pupil of Lazarus Dokora, the loony Zimbabwean Minister of Schooling.

100% Cotton Yoda Valval Short Sleeve Customized Printed On Children's T-shirt“Dokora was assigned as an English Teacher on the Cuba Teachers Training Program, a job which was meant to maintain Pupil Teachers’ English language proficiency up to hurry in an all Spanish studying atmosphere. He was all the time sneaky and had some aloofness in him. He was different and we didn’t know why. A couple of years later after I graduated I used to be shocked to listen to that Dokora visited my buddy’s house in the course of the evening with CIO operatives demanding property he had given to my good friend as a courier upon leaving Cuba;” he said.

“Dokora and his hoodlums had been ruthless in executing a navy-model operation which left the household deeply traumatized. The crime was that their son kept the Television and stereo as a substitute of taking it from Harare to Gweru the place Dokora meant to sell the merchandise. Listening to this horrifying story it lastly dawned on us that each one alongside Dokora was less a lecturer than a Mugabe assigned man in our courses. His English courses we all knew had been nugatory and no person ever cared whether they attended or not. He was simply being there and enjoying the Cuban sunshine and the perks that came on being Mugabe’s eye on the program.”

He mentioned when he finally left his lecturer publish in Cuba Dokora became a Director in the Ministry of upper Schooling and finally, a Deputy Minister and of late perennial Minister on Mugabe’s know nothing cabinet executing the geriatric’s loopy missions.

“That’s Dokora’s transient resume for you. He’s imply, arrogant and vicious. And Mugabe’s blue-eyed boy. Those who dwell in Mashonaland Central have horrific tales to inform about this man from previous election cycles when he commandeered troops of political thugs,” he stated.

“In a country going through financial doom, he is within the news day by day. First for banning Scripture Unions in Schools, then the decree on the pledge in Faculties and the latest decree on making teachers put on a uniform. The Emperor has no clothes. What a disgrace! Why is Dokora doing all this? The reply is anyone’s guess but my finest shot is that he is simply following orders from the man who introduced him on board the gravy prepare. Mugabe is 92 years outdated and senile. He is married to a narcissistic spouse. The combination of senilism (phrase is my invention) and narcissism is what we witness at the moment. True to their behaviour Mugabe and his spouse need to create diversions so that people do not concentrate on the myriad of illnesses afflicting the nation.”

He stated all the pieces has broken down in Zimbabwe and what a greater strategy to distract the attention of Zimbabweans than make them concentrate on trivialities.

“Predictably now we have fallen into the lure as soon as once more. Social media is awash with Dokora crazy stuff. Dokora this, Dokora that and nothing is neither progressive nor productive. It is all regression however to his credit score, Dokora is doing Mugabe’s soiled bidding Fashion 100% Cotton Printed On Cartoon Luke Skywalker Children’s T-shirt very properly. He is a man who owes Mugabe years of riding on the gravy train and to date he gets a move on repaying his debt;” he said.

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