Eight Greatest Video Game Villains

So many video games focus a lot on the hero, so the dangerous guy is neglected and finally ends up being boring and missing persona. However games today want more dimensions to keep at this time’s ADD gamer interested and completely happy. This is my salute to these video games that have villains almost as cool, if not cooler, than the hero.

Eight) Closing Fantasy eight: Seifer

Women's Lana_Rey Desgin Long Sleeve T-ShirtSeifer begins out as Squall’s fellow student in the SEED academy and is the reason Squall has that nasty scar. The rivalry turns sour and Seifer shows his true colors as a villain. I preferred that Seifer was a fairly normal trying villain; he wasn’t a dancing clown (Kefka) or a effeminate male blurring gender traces (Kuja).

7) Tremendous Mario: Bowser

Though Donkey Kong was the unique nemesis of Mario, Bowser was manner cooler, primarily as a result of he was a dragon and Donkey Kong was just a monkey. Bowser had his personal minions, an enormous castle, and spikes on his shell. He at all times stole the scene from Mario, especially when he joins the group in Super Mario RPG. As a result of he was the strongest character in the game, I will overlook how ridiculous he seemed in that flying clown.

6) Chrono Cross: Lynx

Lynx is an attention-grabbing villain, he is a bi-pedal feline with a reasonably cool outfit that appears to replicate a darkish, gothic model that someone like Dracula would put on. With a female clown named Harle as a sidekick, Lynx had a Joker feel to him and when Serge and him change bodies, you management Lynx for a portion of the sport, creating a connection between him and the gamer.

5) Resident Evil 5: Wesker

You’re first introduced to Wesker in Resident Evil, however you get to know his character a lot better within the fifth installment. A long coat and glasses are the typical villain fare, but Wesker has tremendous human energy because of the virus he comprises in his physique. Chris and Sheva are his punching bags throughout most of the sport and Wesker has some pretty showy strikes when he puts the harm on them. Do your self a favor and rent Resident Evil 5, if not simply to look at Wesker’s battle scenes.

4) Baldur’s Gate: Sarevok

The intro movie to Baldur’s Gate introduces the participant to Sarevok and reveals he is to not be taken evenly. As step brother of the main character and killer of his adoptive father, Sarevok’s motives are unclear and it is up to the player to trace him down and keep him from completing his diabolical schemes. A large who is lined head to toe in armor, Sarevok is a problem to defeat.

3) Steel Gear Solid: Revolver Ocelot

Our first introduction to Ocelot is within the acclaimed PlayStation recreation Metallic Gear Solid and it’s a bit disappointing, since he will get his arm lower off by Grey Fox. However, Ocelot keeps it old skool through the use of a six shooter and the following video games in the Metal Gear games dive deeper into his character. Ocelot was an agent through the Chilly Battle and his marksmanship rivaled Snake’s, if not surpassing it. Not until later in the series does the participant finally study what aspect Ocelot is taking part in for and the thriller that surrounds him puts him high on my checklist as a cool villain.

2) Closing Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

It is wonderful how Sephiroth is practically a family name, even with people who never played FFVII and the iconic villain is the epitome of cool. Everybody likes Sephiroth, even though he wants to suck all of the mako from the planet and sail across the universe on it. What really raises Sephiroth above different villains are the battle scenese that display his sheer energy and skillful sword play, all of the whereas preserving his cocky confidence. Whether or not it be against Genesis, Zack, or Cloud, Sephiroth all the time places on a show.

1) Knights of the Old Republic: Darth Revan

This is my number one and tops Sephiroth primarily as a result of the participant really is Darth Revan, but does not know it till later in the sport. Revan is one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars sequence, wearing the usual dark hooded gown and Boba Fett sort mask. It is a great twist in the sport when you discover that you simply really are this dark and evil character. It is as much as the participant whether or not or not to proceed Revan’s reign of terror and reclaim his throne of evil by defeating his apprentice Darkish Malak, or you possibly can flip your again towards your old methods and be a part of the sunshine aspect of the pressure.

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