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Insect And Spider Identification:SoCal Giant Blue (Flying

Hi everybody!

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I’m looking for data on a bug I encountered some 20 years in the past after i spent a yr dwelling in S. Orange County, CA again within the Men’s Iron Man Fly Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt early 1990s. Once i first moved there, I found a useless bug that was so stunning that I still think of it fantastic four youth t-shirt 2016 to at the present time. However when I attempt to search for it online I come up empty handed.

The bug appeared to be a large June Beetle – about an inch long.
It had a gorgeous, metallic brilliant BLUE colour – not inexperienced like I see online.

Though I discover plenty of mentions & images fantastic four youth t-shirt 2016 of massive, metallic Inexperienced June Beetles within the Southwest states, this one was vivid blue. I believe I discovered it when it was dead and it was so gorgeous that I stored it. I put it out on the balcony, and sadly it blew away. I still recall its intense, bright blue colour and enormous size. Since I can’t find any info on giant BLUE beetles like this in the region, I wonder if this specimen I had was initially inexperienced when alive, then possibly turned blue after demise

Any information could be useful on this giant, blue beetle from California. I have embrace pictures of beetles I discovered on-line that have principally the same coloration and appearance because the one I am describing.

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