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Insect And Spider finn dinghy shirt off Identification:SoCal Large Blue (Flying

Hi everybody!
I’m searching for data on a bug I encountered some 20 years ago once i spent a yr living in S. Orange County, CA back within the early nineteen nineties. Once i first moved there, I found a useless bug that was so stunning that I nonetheless think of it to this day. But when I try to search for it on-line I come up empty handed.

The bug appeared to be a large June Beetle – about an inch long.
It had a gorgeous, metallic shiny BLUE shade – not green like I see on-line.

Though I find plenty of mentions & pictures of large, metallic Green June Beetles within the Southwest states, this one was vivid blue. I think I found it when it was lifeless and it was so gorgeous that I saved it. Men’s a ant man Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt I put it out on the balcony, and unfortunately it blew away. I nonetheless recall its intense, vibrant blue shade and huge measurement. Since I can not find any info on giant BLUE beetles like this in the region, I’m wondering if this specimen I had was originally inexperienced when alive, then maybe turned blue after loss of life

Any information can be useful on this large, blue beetle from California. I’ve include footage of beetles I found on-line finn dinghy shirt off that have principally the same colour and look as the one I’m describing.

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