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They Formed In Dayton

Fashion Cotton Summer dc hero dcsf riddler Children's T-shirtBrainiac had been an American indie rock band. They formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1992 with vocalist and keyboard (significantly Moog) player Tim Taylor, bassist Juan Monasterio, guitarist Michelle Bodine and drummer Tyler Trent. After a few singles, they released their first album, Smack Bunny Child on Grass Records in 1993. Bonsai Superstar, now with John Schmersal on guitar in place of Bodine (who went on to form O-matic), followed the following yr. In 1995 they played on the Lollapalooza side stage. The following flash t shirt costume 80 year, their third album, Hissing Pigs in Static Couture, was released on the Contact & Go label. All three of their albums were produced by Eli Janney (of Ladies Towards Boys). Their 1997 Touch & Go EP, Electro-Shock for President, turned out to be their last report: Tim Taylor was killed in a car accident on May 3, 1997 while driving again from a recording session for his or her fourth album, and the group disbanded. Albums

Smack Bunny Baby (1993, Grass)
Bonsai Superstar (1994, Grass)
Hissing Prigs in Static Couture (1996, Contact flash t shirt costume 80 & Go)

Brainiac: Science Abuse is a tv programme displaying in the UK on Sky One (and repeated on Sky One flash t shirt costume 80 Combine). The presenters are Jon Tickle (formerly of Large Brother) and Richard Hammond (previously of Top Gear). The programme’s premise is that they carry out stupid scientific experiments “so you don’t should”. This contains such actions as: – Stuff you shouldn’t put in a microwave oven
Walking throughout a swimming-pool filled with custard
Investigating the propulsive possibilities of CO2 Fire extinguishers

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