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Bane (Batman: Shadow War)

Bane is a major antagonist in Batman: Shadow War. He’s an escaped convict from an island prison in South America and became a criminal, leading his flash t shirt online one own gang of criminals. He has abnormal bodily energy in consequence of getting had undergone experiments involving a derivative of the drug Venom.

42 (RH)

Professional Criminal
Masayuki Kato (Japanese)

Born to serve the life sentence of his father, Bane’s childhood and early grownup life are spent behind the partitions of Pena Duro, an infamous prison situated in Santa Prisca. Though imprisoned, his natural skills enable him to develop extraodinary expertise inside the prison’s walls. He reads as many books as he can get his fingers on, builds up his body in the prison’s gymnasium, and learns to combat in the merciless faculty of prison life. Regardless of his circumstances, he appears to have flash t shirt online one found teachers of assorted sorts throughout his incarceration, ranging from hardened convicts to an eldery Jesuit priest, beneath whose tutelage he apparently receives a classical education. Bane murders this priest upon his return to Santa Prisca years later.

Batman’s First Encounter
Other Crimes

Pink Hood Incident
Bane was intimidating, brutal and highly effective, and is cold-blooded and really confident together with his strength. He was not above utilizing trickery and energy to attain his goals, and was shown to be in a position to consider intricate plans that will end up taking out his enemies. Bane killed individuals with out caring and has a deep hatred for Batman; eager to kill him greater than anyone else. He commanded absolute loyalty from his henchmen and was even keen to sacrifice them so as to attain his targets. But he had one weakness: his crippling addiction to the efficiency-enhancing drug and supersoldier serum; Venom.

In battle, Bane’s rage clouds his judgement with his final goal being is to kill his opponent or opponents. Bane, in battle, largely relies on brute power nevertheless does think of ways to assist in his kill.

Venom Usage: Superhuman Power:
Enhanced Reflexes:
Enhanced Speed:
Enhanced Stamina:
Enhanced Durability:
Accelerated Healing:

Criminal Document
GCPD Profile

The fugitive generally known as “Bane” is at the moment on the run and needed by the sovereign government of Santa Prisca following a prison break from Pena Duro Penitentiary. While no data have been found to substantiate this, rumors allege Bane was born and raised inside the prison walls. Bane is believed to be traveling with a large group of mercenaries who refer to themselves solely as “followers”. Most notable is his chief subordinate code-named Angel “Fowl” Vallelunga, also a Pen Duro escapee.

Bane is rumored to have larger-than-normal size and extraodinary energy-though that is believed to be on account of his abuse of efficiency enhancing drugs. Witnesses report observing non permanent modifications in musculature and bone structure in sure circumstances, but without bodily proof this is thought to be unreliable testimony/exaggeration and extremely unlikely.

Individual is deemed extremely harmful and is cunning as he’s bodily sturdy. Whereas he is often armed, his extreme bodily strength is considered a deadly weapon even when he’s unarmed.

Batman’s Profile
Bane is a fugitive wished by the government of Santa Prisca following a prison break from Pena Dura. While no records have been flash t shirt online one found to substantiate this, rumors alleged that Bane was born and raised throughout the prison partitions-a seemingly unimaginable feat in the all-male penitentiary. Bane was the son of a criminal offense lord based in Mexico and his believed to be the heir so the police put him in prison on the age of eight.

Bane is believed to be travelling with a big group of his fellow escapees. Most notable was his chief subordinate, Chook. Bane is rumored to have superhuman dimension and strength. Most imagine this was a result of his abuse of efficiency enhancing medication together with the popular narcotic, Venom. Combined with a eager mind, this makes Bane an excessive threat.


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Bane wears a luchador mask together with a leather jacket over a single Venom tube and padded armor. He additionally wears leather-based pants with boots and when unmasked, has a bald head with scars. Later, Bane gained a metallic spine structure to his spine attributable to requiring the support of his muscles while utilizing Venom.

Venom: Bane makes use of his signature Venom which enhances his personal bodily attributes particularly his power.
RPG-7: Bane utilizes an RPG-7.
Various Explosives: Bane utilizes a wide range of explosives.
Various Melee Weapons: Bane utilizes quite a lot of melee weapons or uses the setting to his benefit.
Minigun: Bane makes use of a Minigun.

“His mine, payaso.”
“I’ve long waited for this second. With your demise, I will find peace.”
“This isn’t how I envisioned our battle.