Ghost Rider DVD, 2017, 2-Disc Set, Prolonged Minimize

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To avoid wasting him, Johnny makes a deal with Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda, Easy RIDER) and sacrifices his soul. When his father is killed mid-stunt, Johnny runs away, leaving behind his grief and a younger love named Roxanne. Years later, Johnny (Nicolas Cage, WORLD Trade Middle ) is the most famous rider in the country. Regardless of his daredevil tendencies, Johnny is a distinct man when he is not riding his bike. Though he wears leather-based jackets and pants, he prefers jelly beans to Jim Beam while listening to the Carpenters. Years have passed since Johnny has seen the love of his life, but he nonetheless carries a torch for Roxanne (Eva Mendes, HITCH). When he sees her after a stunt, he tries to regain her love and belief. But it’s time for the satan to take his due as he brings Johnny into an epic battle with Blackheart (Wes Bentley, AMERICAN Magnificence). In the presence of evil, Johnny transforms into an excellent-strong skeleton with a flaming skull who has the power to defeat Blackheart and his minions.As Johnny, Cage plays a cross between his Elvis devotee in WILD AT Heart and the delicate he-man in Wars CON AIR. The evil Mephistopheles is Fonda’s most memorable role since his Oscar-nominated turn in ULEE’S GOLD, and this movie gives a possibility for him to return to the spotlight. GHOST RIDER would not rank with the best of the comic e-book adaptations similar to SPIDER-MAN and BATMAN BEGINS, however director Mark Steven Johnson (DAREDEVIL) gives a movie driven by each humor and action.

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