Go to Of Holy Places In Madina Munawarra ( Ziarats)

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Visit of Holy Locations in Madina Munawarra ( Ziarats)
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Visit of Holy Places in Madina Munawarra ( Ziarats) . On 23 June 2005, the travel agent on particular request of the contingent members arranged visit to the holy places round Madina Munawarra. Visit was to begin at 6:30 AM on 23 June 2005, and the main reason for this early start of the go to was to keep away from heat hours of the day because the go to was expected to take round three to four hours to complete. Around eighty folks opted to go for the visit and for the same purpose one large street liner of sixty seats and one mini bus of thirty seats capacity have been organized by our agent. For this tour my mother and my wife opted to stay within the resort, as both were not feeling effectively.

Out tour started as per schedule, my family bought seats within the mini bus. Visiting these holy places is like traveling again within the time. We visited the holy locations in the following sequence: –

Masjid Quba . This mosque is the first mosque within the historical past of Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself laid down its basis stone throughout his stay there earlier than arriving at Madina Munawarra. The mosque is situated about three kilometers away from Masjid-e-Nabvi. We tried to return to Masjid Quba as usually as we could whereas we were in Madinah. A Hadith states that offering 2 rakats of Nawafil prayer in it’s equal in blessings and reward to one Umrah. This mosque can also be an exceptional masterpiece of architecture. Simply outside the mosque constructing there is a date market from the place folks should buy dates. An excellent ablution place is obtainable in the mosque space for the pilgrims. Separate praying place for the ladies exists within the mosque. It is situated in the south of Masjid-e-Nabvi.

Masjid-e-Jummah. This mosque is located short of Madina Munawarra metropolis. Holy Prophet (PBUH) provided prayers at that place as soon as he moved from Quba to Madina Munawarra. When he reached the location of Bano-Salam-Bin-Auf tribe on his way to Madina Metropolis, the time for Jummah (Friday) prayers got here, so first Jummah prayers were held here at that place and afterwards a mosque was constructed at the identical spot. It’s situated south of Masjid-e-Nabvi.

Ruins of Masjid-e-Zarrar. These Muslims who had been having ties with Non-Muslims and Jews of Madina built this mosque and all planning was achieved here as a way to trigger hurt to the true followers of Islam and Holy Prophet (PBUH). To save lots of Muslims from the harm of such folks this mosque was destroyed and burnt on the orders of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The ruins of the mosque are still present for folks to see and study lesson.

Masjid-e-Ali (Bir-Zulhalifa, Abyar-e-Ali). This mosque was built at a degree twelve kilometers outdoors the town of Madina Munawarra declared as Meeqat for pilgrims. Here a properly is current which is known as Ali’s Properly and the place is also known as as Abyar-e-Ali. All buses / automobiles going to Makkah cease here and pilgrims change into Ihrams right here.

Masjid-e-Ghamama. This mosque is situated at a strolling distance from Masjid-e-Nabvi, and right here Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) provided prayers for rain. Saudi government has made a very stunning pink wall across the mosque and the wall is properly decorated with electric lanterns hanging with date tree planks. Additionally it is referred to as Masjid-e-Eid as a result of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and companions used to offer the Eid prayers right here. I noticed individuals, largely Iranians, offering Nawafils in the mosque. It’s situated southwest of Masjid-e-Nabvi.

Masjid-e-AbuBakar. Just forty yards away from Masjid-e-Ghamama, this small mosque is situated. It’s believed that first Caliph used to dwell here and after his house was demolished this mosque was constructed at the exact same site. This mosque just isn’t in a good condition and authorities have not paid a lot attention in direction of it. This mosque requires in depth repairs and maintenance. It’s situated in direction of southwest of Masjid-e-Nabvi. Additionally it is believed that this mosque has been constructed at the same location the place first Caliph led few prayers throughout his tenure as Caliph.

Masjid-e-Ali. Ali-mosque is a vital mosque situated very close to to Masjid-e-Nabvi and it is believed that fourth Caliph Ali used to stay there. It’s in the direction of west of Masjid-e-Nabvi.

Masjid-e-Umar . This mosque is situated near Masjid-eGhamama and is white in coloration. For info of visitors the mosque is situated behind Phone exchange situated subsequent to Masjid-e-Ghamama.

Masjid-e-Bilal . This mosque is situated near the date market, which is adjoining to the purchasing market of Masjid-e-Nabvi. If time is offered one must go to the mosque and offer Nawafil there.

UhadMountain and Graves of Martyrs. After visiting mosques in the close vicinity of Masjid-e-Nabvi our group moved to UhadMountain to see the battlefield of second battle of Islamic history and pay our homage to the martyrs of the battle. At Uhad one finds the graves of the martyrs of the Battle and Sayed-us-Shuda Hazarat Hamza (The Uncle of Holy Prophet). All the graves are inside a cemented walled boundary and other people can see the graves by means of windows within the walls. One ought to pray to All Mighty Allah for peace and eternity of the people buried there. It was onerous to come back here and see that they have been buried in the midst of a valley in the midst of the desert. These great individuals of Islam who lived and died for his or her beliefs and now for last fourteen hundred years, they rested right here in the course of nowhere.

Right here one also can see the entire battlefield of Uhad by standing at the same high point (Now a Small Hill), the place Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) deployed the archers before the battle. Standing in the course of the small hill one can simply think about the 2 armies combating. If some one has a little bit interest in Muslim history or has read early battles of Islam, than he can simply think about the whole chronicles of the events in proper sequence. Uhad is pretty developed now and there are lots of homes within the vicinity of battlefield. Right here at Uhad there is a mini open market as well, largely vendors are discovered selling low cost merchandise. Since Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared this mountain range a good friend, therefore people do store from this place and buy eatable as nicely. There’s a Hadith that Uhad Mountain is without doubt one of the doorways of Paradise.

The one unhappy factor about visiting this Holy place was the amount of “tourism” there. Vendors, beggars and merchandise hawkers have been in abundance. The ambiance was virtually like a carnival! It seemed type of odd and fairly worldly at such a holy place. After visiting Uhad Mountain our group moved to Masjid-e-Qiblatain. Whereas on the option to the mosque our tour information showed us the small waterway utilized by Hazarat Khalid Bin Walid as a cover while launching counter assault on the Muslims throughout Uhad battle.

Masjid-e-Qiblatain. One of many well-known mosques we visited was the Masjid-e-Qiblatain. It was here, where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) acquired revelation in the middle of a prayer to vary the path they have been facing from Jerusalem to Masjid Al Haram. The mosque nonetheless retains the prayer area of interest going through Jerusalem; therefore the identify Qiblatain mosque of the 2 Qiblas got here into origin. It’s a bit tough to face holy Kabba in this mosque for a newcomer and one should ask if she or he is in doubt concerning route of Kabba. On this mosque place for ablution is offered and one can simply offer Nawafils after ablution. Separate praying place for the ladies exists in the mosque.

Al-Haidery Dates Packing Manufacturing unit (Madina Munawarra). After visiting Qiblatain mosque our tour guide took us to Al-Haidery dates packing manufacturing facility situated in the shut neighborhood of the mosque. Right here we visited the complete manufacturing facility and had been impressed with different types and qualities of dates being processed and packed within the factory. This factory is the biggest factory within the Madina Munawarra and dates produced by the manufacturing facility are available all through the nation. Virtually each member of the group purchased dates from the manufacturing unit store. Rates of different products accessible in the factory shop have been quite lesser than the outlets in the neighborhood of Masjid-e-Nabvi. My family additionally bought round ten kilograms dates of differing kinds and high quality.

Battle of Trench (Areas). After buying dates from the market our guide took the group to the locations the place the battlefield of battle of trench was set. Right here our tour information confirmed us the mount where Muslim camp for the battle was established. Here we visited Masjid-e-Fatah (Victory Mosque) as referred to as Masjid-e-Al-Ahzab. Right here Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed during the times of Battle of Trench and by the grace of All Mighty Allah victory was bestowed upon Muslims. Besides Masjid-e-Fatah, our guide showed us Masajid-e-Khamsa (FiveMosquesMosques m

Mo Mosques). These mosques had been built at the same areas the place the tents of Muslim commanders had been pitched for the battle. The mosques have been named after following Sahaba (Prophets’s Companions) Hazarat Salman Farsi, Hazarat Abu-Bakar, Hazarat Ali, HazaratUmar and Hazarat Saad Bin Maaz. Here a mosque in the identify of Bibi Fatima (Daughter of Holy Prophet) has additionally been made and it is situated on the identical location the place the camp of Muslims girls was located.

As far as trench is worried it is no extra there, after fourteen hundred years it is very difficult to even level out the locations where the Muslims dug that trench. Nonetheless tour operators do present individuals basic space of the trench and minor particulars are also narrated to the pilgrims to help their claims however there isn’t a authenticity in the information being given by these tour operators. Visiting locations of battle of Trench was the last place planned within the visit and after that we came back to our lodge. It took us around three and half hours to complete our go to of holy locations. At the end of the tour our tour operator charged ten rayals each from us as a payment and left happily.

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