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Brainiac’s New Extra Robotic Body

Clashes with Superman Edit
New Design 100% Cotton Printed On Helmet Stormtrooper Children's T-shirtBrainiac started looking the universe for grandmaster flash hooded sweatshirt powers and techniques that would ensure his success towards any opponent he got here across. He eventually discovered a shrinking ray that might enable him to remove enormous cities by miniaturizing them and their populaces. Brainiac began testing it on cities on planets throughout the universe, however the restoration course of yielded combined results and even utter failures.

Brainiac’s new extra robotic physique.
Eventually Brainiac determined his body was inadequate to beat Superman, despite its possession of super power and pace. He rebuilt his biological body right into a extra robotic one constructed out of “living metal”, thus making it so he was not limited to one body. This was as a result of Brainiac could now transmit his grandmaster flash hooded sweatshirt thoughts into different electronic gadgets that could hold it or at the very least a large a part of it. Brainiac was also capable of instantly transmit himself into interface with different electronic gadgets to control them and entry Men’s Avengers Spider-Man Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts other units. He might previously do that only with specialised interface plugs, such as the one on his previous head. Brainiac used this kind until Crisis on Infinite Earths, the place he was destroyed, however was recreated because the biological Vril Dox.

New Beginnings Edit
Battling Superman Edit

Later on, Brainiac revealed he’d place a sleeper virus inside Lexcorp’s Y2K safeguards, which he intended to use to extend his powers to an especially high degree. However it instead introduced Brainiac thirteen from the 64th century to the present, who stole Brainiac’s kind, putting his thoughts inside Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor’s daughter. Brainiac thirteen remodeled Metropolis right into a futuristic version of itself, however Lex Luthor made a bargain with Brainiac 13. Luke_Cage In trade for control of the B13 Technology, he gave Brainiac thirteen Lena Luthor and Brainiac 2.5 left with Brainiac 13.