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Superman Vs Captain Marvel

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Enough of the sups vs goku lets discuss an actual(sure I stated it) battle…

Captain Marvel

Magically bestowed elements of varied mythological figures, together with: Vast super-power, pace, and stamina

Bodily and magical invulnerability


Vast knowledge and enhanced psychological notion

Management over and emission of magic lightning

Superhuman energy, pace, stamina, invulnerability, senses, reflexes, regeneration, longevity, super breath, freeze breath, heat imaginative and prescient, x-ray imaginative and prescient, microscopic vision, telescopic imaginative and prescient, and flight

Now it should be apparent who I think would win from the picture selection… Men’s Desgin The Blue Beetle Short Sleeve Tee Shirt Massive cheese wins for me because his powers are primarily based on magic(sups is weak to magic) and the straightforward indisputable fact that superman is overrated…

So… WHO YA Obtained
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Both are awful superheroes and deserve to be obsolete.
Superman vs Captain Marvel.

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[QUOTE=”BranKetra”]Have you read Crisis on Infinite Earths They combat then, too.jeremiah06
Yeah however I need to know what you assume solely taking their powers and talents under consideration…

[QUOTE=”jeremiah06″][QUOTE=”BranKetra”]Have you learn Crisis on Infinite Earths They battle then, too.BranKetra
Yeah however I need to know what you suppose solely taking their powers and abilities into consideration…

Okay. Relying on which Superman, he can destroy city blocks with the shockwave of his punch, sneeze a solar system into oblivion, or mainly be a god, like Superman Prime (DC One-Million). So, let’s simply go along with the one I’m most accustomed to: the animated series, Justice League green lantern woman shirt youtube Cartoon, JLU, and the comics on the 2000s.

From what I do know, Shazam has Superman-man stage powers, in addition to magic, knowledge and intelligence. The wiki also says he is bestowed with fearlessness. I’m unsure who would win. Superman is highly effective, however has a weakness to magic. Nevertheless he has a lot of expertise and intelligence. I suppose it might come down to why they’re preventing.

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Hasn’t superman won this battle a number of times….

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[QUOTE=”BranKetra”][QUOTE=”FrostyPhantasm”] I’m surprised you used the justice league episode as an alternative of the occasion in Kingdom Come (despite them beginning and ending in pretty much the very same vogue). I feel if it were to come back to it now, Cap would win, i believe he is realized his lesson about shouting shazzam, it really works once, perhaps 5 occasions then it is too green lantern woman shirt youtube dangerous.xaos
Kingdom Come. That is what I was pondering of, not Crisis on Infinite Earths. They both have artwork by Alex Ross and i solely learn Kingdom Come as soon as, so I was slightly confused.

Kingdom Come
This was the cover of the hardcover version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Alex Ross has a distinct means of painting imo.

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