Guardians Of The Galaxy (Earth-616)

The Guardians of the Galaxy is a group of heroes who opposed the Phalanx conquest of the Kree system (and lots of who had opposed Annihilus’ incursion into their universe), and banded collectively in an attempt to prevent any further catastrophes from ever occurring.

Men's Print Stormtrooper Top SWR Short Sleeve Tee ShirtOn the recommendation of ally Nova, the group established a base of operations at the space station Knowhere, which conveniently possessed a teleportation system with close to-common vary. An intelligent, tremendous-powered dog known as Cosmo acted as Knowhere’s chief of security and labored intently with the new team throughout their first missions.

After an initial clash with the revitalized Universal Church of Reality, the crew’s investigation of a mass of “Limbo ice” revealed a semi-amnesiac man who identified himself as Vance Astrovik, a.okay.a. Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy of Earth-691. Astro’s declaration inspired the as-yet-unnamed team to adopt the “Guardians of the Galaxy” name for their very own.[1]

The crew then battled the Universal Church of Fact once once more, while Astro was attacked aboard Knowhere by his former teammate Starhawk.[2] Matters worsened when the shape-shifting alien Skrulls seemed to infiltrate Knowhere[three][4], and the following revelation that Star-Lord directed Mantis to telepathically coerce the other crew members into joining.[5]

Conflict of Kings

Unable to trust each other, the staff members split off onto their own missions. Adam Warlock and Gamora went to search out out extra about the Universal Church of Reality, Drax and Phyla went searching for Drax’s lacking companion, Star-Lord left to answer a request for assist from the Kree, and Rocket determined to continue the group’s original mission.

While Rocket began recruiting new members like Bug, Groot (who was now returned to full measurement), Mantis, and Major Victory, Star-Lord found that Ronan The Accuser was reconstructing the Phalanx’s Babel Spire in an effort to preserve the Kree. Ronan then threw Star-Lord into the Detrimental Zone before he could possibly be stopped.

In the Damaging Zone, Blastaar had taken over as King and planned to invade Earth by forty two, the prison created by the Initiative to home anti-registration forces.

Blastaar meant to launch a full scale assault against 42 use Star-Lord as a way in. Defended by Jack Flag and his superhuman crew inside, the unpowered guards fled the prison, locking everybody else within the adverse zone behind them.

Star-Lord pleaded with Jack Flag, to help him contact the Guardians for help. Flag directed him to a telepath, who was able to contact Mantis and get the new Guardians to teleport into the Unfavorable Zone, to assist fend off Blastaar’s attack.

Elsewhere, Drax the Destroyer and Quasar began trying to find Drax’s missing friend. They found a seer who advised them about the impending Warfare of Kings before telling them he knew Heather was at Oblivion.

They traveled to Oblivion, where Drax noticed Phyla was lacking her Quantum Bands and believed they could have died. In their confusion, they have been shortly ambushed by Maelstrom and Phyla was fed to the Dragon of the Moon. As Drax continued to combat Maelstrom and forestall being the next meal, Wendell Vaughn got here to his rescue simply as Phyla burst out of the Dragon’s belly with a newly resurrected Moondragon. Later it could be revealed that Phyla made a deal with Loss of life whereas within the stomach of the beast that she would turn into the new avatar of Loss of life if Moondragon may return together with her.

They went back to Knowhere, reuniting as one huge staff and making ready for the approaching battle between the Shi’ar Empire, with their new Emperor Vulcan, and the Kree, now led by the Inhumans and their King Black Bolt.

Their first order was to break up up and attempt to end the Battle of Kings; but they failed.


The Guardians are again

Months later, Thanos had managed to seize a Cosmic Cube from the U.S. Military on Earth, which he used to flee to Moord, the homeland of the Badoon. The Guardians traveled to Avengers Tower to warn and help the Avengers with the state of affairs.[6]

From Moord, Thanos became one with the Cosmic Cube and killed the Elders of the Universe, then killing the Avengers and Guardians. As a substitute, he was inadvertently sending them to the Cancerverse, where Tony Stark found that Thanos’ weapon wasn’t really a Cosmic Cube and that it had defects.[7]

Within the Cancerverse, the heroes bargained with the Collector in exchange for a weapon capable of deactivating the “Cube” and returning them to Earth, the place they would depart Thanos to the Elders. With the help of the Avengers and the Guardians, Thanos was defeated and punished by the Elders. Enjoying working together, Star-Lord personally offered Iron Man a spot on his workforce, which he gladly accepted.[Eight]

Father Points

J’son, King of Spartax alerted Star-Lord, his son, that a council of galactic empires had determined that Earth was too dangerous and should be left alone. Star-Lord knew that the decree would only aggravate the Earth’s enemies and immediately ventured to Earth with the Guardians to ensure it was secure.[9] As expected, they discovered a Badoon ship heading to assault Earth.[10]

After defeating the Badoon and crash landing on Earth, Drax was left badly harm and Groot was decreased all the way down to a small twig. There, the group was arrested by the galactic police below orders from J’son of Spartax. They were taken to a prison ship and locked in containment cells. Since Groot was a twig, he wasn’t arrested, giving him time to grow back to full size and free his companions. The team discovered their weapons, which had been confiscated and took the Spartax battleship for themselves.[11]


Continuing to guard Earth, the Guardians managed to intercept somebody who was heading to Earth, who was found to be Angela, one of the numerous beings who have been pulled from Heven to this dimension after the space-time continuum was damaged.[12] Believing her a menace, the Guardians fought her on the Moon, barely in a position to lastly knock her out.[13] After finding out who she was and that she was not a threat, the Guardians let Angela go to Earth, escorting her there to keep an eye on her.[14]

The Trial of Jean Grey

A gaggle of rogue Shiar soldiers got here and attacked the previous X-Men, taking the young Jean Gray with them. They were sent by Kallark of the Shi’ar and J’son of Spartax to answer for the crimes that she had not dedicated yet. Selecting up readings of a Shi’ar ship heading for Canada, the Guardians rushed to the scene, however after seeing the appears on the X-Men’s faces after they arrived, realized they were too late.[15][sixteen] Together with the X-Men of the previous and Kitty Pryde, the Guardians left earth in pursuit of the Shi’ar soldiers and young Jean. While on the path, their ship was attacked, but they had been saved by the Starjammers.[17] The Guardians, the X-Males and the Starjammers managed to arrive to the Chandilar, the place they confronted the Imperial Guard. Jean Gray had managed to escape captivity and confronted Gladiator. After defeating the Guard, the heroes left the Shi’ar homeworld. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Starjammers accompanied the X-Men again to Earth where young Scott Summers determined to journey through house with the Starjammers, leaving his staff of X-Males behind.[18]

The Assault of the Spartoi

Captain Marvel Saves Peter Quill

Shortly thereafter, Agent Venom joined the Guardians of the Galaxy as a liaison for the Avengers.[19] All of the earlier team members have been separately dealt with by the Spartoi and its allies. Nevertheless, they did not count with the Guardians’ ally Captain Marvel,[20] who saved Peter Quill from J’son and the Spartoi Empire. Later, Quill revealed J’son as a heartless murderer to the whole empire and the citizens rebelled against the king.[21] Star-Lord and Captain Marvel then went round gathering the remainder of the Guardians who had all survived their separate conditions, Rocket had been delivered to the Kree for experimentation; Gamora had been put in an area by the Badoon; Drax had been put in trial by the Shi’ar; and Groot had been left to die in Rigel 8 by the Brood, aside from Venom who went into hiding on Knowhere after escaping an abduction by the Skrulls.[22]

While the Guardians retrieved Venom, the Spartoi Council determined the best way to proceed with electing a new leader for the Empire. None of the candidates seeming fitting, so one of many delegated urged to nominate Peter Quill, arguing that he was the perfect candidate accessible since he was the one who uncovered his personal father’s corruption and hads the help of the galaxy.[23] Despite the fact that Star-Lord himself had no idea he had been nominated, Quill’s candidacy was extremely common in Spartax, and he was elected in absentia.[24]

Black Vortex

Following the news of his unexpected political career, Peter determined to maintain a low profile. He discovered a bunch of mercenaries calld the Slaughter Squad had been ordered to hunt him down, under the orders of the crime lord Mister Knife, who had additionally been looking for the mysterious Black Vortex.[25] Star-Lord was finally kidnappedby the Slaughter Squad and brought before their chief, Mister Knife, who revealed himself as none apart from J’son.[26] Star-Lord eventually escaped with the assistance of his long-distance girlfriend Kitty Pryde, who satisfied him to steal the Black Vortex from J’son to annoy him.[27] Nevertheless, once they infiltrated Mister Knife’s fortress, they found the Black Vortex was no bizarre object, it was a mirror with the power of unleashing a person’s cosmic potential. Now fearing of such powerful item being in J’son’s hand, Star-Lord and Kitty stole the artifact. They turned to each the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men for assist.

The cosmically-empowered Slaughter Squad, now calling themselves Slaughter Lords, pinned the heroes down in order to retrieve the Black Vortex. While not outnumbered, the heroes where outmatched. Through the battle, Gamora submitted to the Black Vortex’s power, giving the Guardians and the X-Males the necessary edge to flee to Spartax’s moon.[28] There, Peter tried to persuade his allies to submit altogether to the Black Vortex, with a purpose to defeat the Slaughter Lords. Kitty opposed him, claiming that such incredible powers may corrupt them. Each Beast[29] and Angel submitted. The immense power corrupted them and Gamora, who betrayed their fellow allies once they tried to destroy the Black Vortex. Soon after they escaped with the Vortex, the Guardians and the X-Men were attacked by Mister Knife’s flying fortress.[30]

Peter Quill proposing to Kitty

They survived the assault, and fled the moon and fled on Star-Lord’s Bad Boy, subsequently coming across the Starjammers, who offered their assist.[31] When Gamora, Beast and Angel assaulted Hala after their Accuser Corps stole the Black Vortex for assist, Star-Lord and a gaggle of heroes heeded the call for help.[31] Ronan the Accuser empowered himself with the Black Vortex and fended off the attackers.[32] However, Mister Knife’s flying fortress arrived to recuperate the Vortex, and used its complete firepower to destroy Hala. The Guardians and X-Men there escaped.[33]

When J’son recovered the Vortex,[34] he used it on his ally Thane, who proceeded to encase the entirety of Spartax in an amber construct, trapping its inhabitants in a state of residing demise. Mister Knife had made a deal with the Brood, offering them of the host our bodies essential to reproduce, in trade of taking part of their planetary conquest.[35] When the heroes retrieved the Black Vortex as soon as again,[36] Kitty Pryde used it on herself to boost her abilities and phase Spartax by the amber carcass, saving the planet and its inhabitants, at the same time she managed to not succumb to her new abilities.

As soon as the dust settled and the Black Vortex was dealt with, Star-Lord proposed to Kitty Pryde, and she mentioned sure.[37]

Guardians of Knowhere

After the Multiverse was destroyed by Incursions and recreated in the type of Battleworld, the Guardians of the Galaxy have been recreated, but had no memories of the earlier universe, aside Men’s Print Finn-Fathead Short Sleeve T-Shirt from Gamora. Gamora had traveled down to Latverion many occasions, incurring the ire of Battleworld’s ruler, God-Emperor Doom. Gamora had heard of Doom, but she did not believe him to be a deity. To halt Gamora’s trips, Doom sent Aldrif Doomsdottir of the Thor Corps to deal with her.

When Aldrif confronted Gamora, Gamora was rescued by Drax the Destroyer. Gamora, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon then hid out in the condominium of their former teammate, Mantis, but have been then attacked by the criminal Yotat the Destroyer,[38] who sought revenge on Drax for rescuing Rocket who was confronting Yotat for killing the mob boss Giogo. After defeating the Guardians, Yotat declared Knowhere to be his.[39]

The Guardians were later aided by Aldrif who stunned Yotat with a lightning bolt, allowing Drax to assault him. Together, Drax and Aldrif defeated Yotat. Yotat then was taken into custody by the Nova Corps. After Aldrif interrogated Gamora for her causes for not considering Doom a supreme ruler, the two obtained into a battle before the arrival of a mysterious lady interrupted them.[Forty]

Gamora and Aldrif tried talking with the woman, but the lady spoke solely Kree, which neither one understood. Gamora suggested Aldrif to act peaceful, but Aldrif didn’t pay attention. So, the lady attacked the 2 and defeated them. The Nova Corps got here in to subdue the women, however she defeated them as effectively, killing lots of them in the process. When the girl saw the Kree image on Captain Marvel’s uniform, she paused for a moment, permitting Aldrif and Gamora the chance to attack the woman by hanging her in the again with their swords, which seemingly killed her.

After that, Gamora and Aldrif conversed about Gamora staying in Knowhere and obeying Doom’s laws. All of a sudden the lady sprang back to life and impaled Aldrif together with her weapon, killing the Thor. Gamora angrily attacked the woman, but was nearly killed herself. Happily, Drax and Rocket got here to help, and collectively the Guardians defeated her. As Gamora mourned the loss of Aldrif, Star-Lord arrived on Knowhere and enlisted his teammates within the fight in opposition to Doom,[forty one] which led to the restoration of the Multiverse.[42]


In the course of the following months after the universe was introduced again, Peter ultimately gave in to Spartax’s need to crown him, leaving the Guardians behind. Kitty Pryde would succeed him as “Star-Lord,” while Rocket replaced Peter as the chief of the workforce. The Guardians also obtained a brand new member, the Earth hero The Factor.

The Guardians reencountered Quill when they visited Spartax to look at an artifact they had stolen from the Chitauri, and located themselves caught in the middle of a Kree accuser named Hala’s campaign towards Peter Quill for his alleged participation in the destruction of the Kree homeplanet Hala.[43] Following Hala’s defeat,[44], Quill rejoined the Guardians when his delegates took benefit of the broken caused by the battle and ousted him from power. Peter escaped with Kitty and rejoined the Guardians, once once more, as a wanted man.[45]

Following a handful of misadventures, the Guardians travelled to Earth at the request of their buddy Captain Marvel to assist her through the second superhuman civil conflict, fighting on her behalf in opposition to the forces that opposed her led by Iron Man.[Forty six] Through the ensuing battle, the Guardian’s ship was destroyed, leaving them stranded on Earth.[Forty seven] To make issues worse, Thanos was imprisoned on Earth during this time, and Captain Marvel decided to share that information solely with Star-Lord to make him know she would keep that information from Gamora and Drax.[Forty eight] When Gamora came upon about Thanos’ whereabouts and refused to align herself with Star-Lord once more, Quill decided to come back clear and share that info with the rest of his teammates. However, the damage had been completed, and each Rocket and Drax determined to stroll away.[49]

Equipment: Bracelets that enable for cross-universe teleportation
Transportation: Milano; previously C.I.T.T.
Weapons: Varied laser weapons, and melee weapons. Plus, every of the workforce members’ arsenal.

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