High 10 Battle Movies From Hollywood, Bollywood And many others

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Indian CinemaFour Indian Films (Post 2000) that can Hook You on Indian Movies
by Ken5

Movies peak:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Battle MoviesWhy People Watch Conflict Movies?
by Mahaveer Sanglikar5

Movies height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Movies peak:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Movie Evaluations height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>Indian CinemaTop one hundred+ Greatest Previous Basic Hindi Movies of Bollywood (1950-1990)
by Kannan Reddy18

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Brennan Lombardi four years ago from Owasso, Oklahoma

Excellent choice, but you also needs to take a look at “Three Kings” if you haven’t seen it but. It is intense, satirical, thoughtful, visceral and total, entertaining.

AuthorMahaveer Sanglikar 4 years ago from Pune, India

Thanks, Mr Deltoid 1966 for your comment. I’d like to watch The Boys From Firm C.

Rich 4 years ago from New Jersey

good hub……..The Boys From Firm C, is a pretty good one too.

Bruce four years in the past from Chicago, Illinois

Good selections, undoubtedly obtained a few of the very best here. Certainly one of my favorites that isn’t in your checklist is Bridge too Far. It has an all-star cast however the true purpose I like it is that it was very properly carried out, when it comes to realism, for the time (1977). I additionally like he Massive Red One, 窋ire Base Gloria (Vietnam), 范ulu, and “Patton”

[ Danson Wachira ] 4 years in the past from Nairobi, Kenya

Hello jainismus,

I have watched Saving Private Ryan greater than as soon as too and it is basically an important conflict film. You could have a couple of others here that i might want to examine although. Great checklist. Voted up, helpful and shared.

Kashish 5 years in the past

Yet another Battle Film “The Expendables 2” … should watch

http://moviestalk.doyouknow.in/English-Motion pictures/Acti…

Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

This is a great list Jainismus – I have seen the primary two, however need to see the remainder. Regardless that I didn’t assume I would enjoy watching battle motion pictures, I noticed Letters from Iwo Jama and a pair extra this month, and i even own Saving Personal Ryan.

Thanks Abhi for adding extra movies.

Abhi 5 years in the past

I need to observe Guns Of Navarone. I’m giving few more warfare films.I hope you’ll like- 9th Firm,Heaven or Earth,Ghetto,Savior,The war,The innocent voice.Thanks for mentioning Tora Tora Tora and Brest Fortress.

Thanks for your comment with including some more data. I will certainly add The Dirty Dozen after watching it soon.

Escape to the Solar 5 years in the past from UK

I have seen many of these movies. My Dad was an avid watcher of warfare films and i sat with him to observe these classics. His favourite, nevertheless, was a movie called ‘The Soiled Dozen’. It all the time reminds me of him at any time when it comes on. It is best to definitely check it out!

Rave, thanks for the suggestion.

rave 5 years in the past

You may attempt melgibson starring We had been soldiers.Its super films


You might be right.

AuthorMahaveer Sanglikar 5 years in the past from Pune, India


Thanks for reading this Hub. I’m adding few more motion pictures soon.

alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

I’ve seen about half of those films and will need to make time to see the remainder. Thanks for pointing them out. Voting this Up and Fascinating.

Annie 6 years in the past

Ah, Saving Personal Ryan. Probably probably the greatest battle movies ever made. No, no, among the best films ever made! The digicam fashion truly make you feel like you’re part of the story. Once i first watched it, I cried at 5 separate parts. I cried the hardest when Wade died :'(

It’s simply such an emotional movie, you get caught up in all the pieces. And it’s fairly practical. You wouldn’t suppose it had been made within the 90s, it looks like such a modernly made film.

It is my favourite film of all time, next to The Dark Knight.

Dreamer of Goals 6 years ago

Saving Personal Ryan actually received me caught up in the not simply the story however the entirety and emotion of the movie. Tom Hanks is an astounding actor and as all the time, he did not disappoint in this heroic tale of the seek for a young soldier. What captured me was the fact that this group of males who knew nothing of this soldier risked their lives to go and send him home due to the fact that his two brothers had been each killed in motion. Throughout the story, you are sucked in to the wrestle of each soldier and the ability of their handiwork. Two specific scenes at all times stick with me from the film as they’re in my eyes the most devastating parts of the movie. First off, there may be the sniper who is to say the least a very skilled and has seen his share of battles who goes to the tower in one of the battles and is merrily picking off Viet-Cong till the tower blows up together with him in it. Secondly, at the end after Tom Hanks character has accomplished his mission and located Personal Ryan he dies there on the bridge, which is a really powerful moment. This film must be seen if you have not seen it. I like film and am at all times looking for out methods to get my palms on good well-performed films. When talking with a colleague of mine that who additionally works for Dish Community in regards to the October 1st launch of Dish Network new package stuffed with movies and DVD making life much more fun for movie lovers I used to be thrilled. It looks as if they’re always developing with fantastic ideas especially for individuals like me who are so captivated with film and are always searching for outdated and new titles to take me on an adventure. The BLOCKBUSTER Film Cross is a combination of DISH Platinum and BLOCKBUSTER by Mail, which provides me entry to 1000’s of DVD films and Television needed for a movie buff akin to myself. Subsequently, I can stream to my laptop computer remotely so many titles while getting hundreds of titles with limitless entry by the mail. Mendacity again on my couch with my cat has always been the ultimate relaxation for me. http://www.dishsupport.com/1316888448399.html

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