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Aquaman Vs Justice League

The kraken isn’t as massive of a deal as your making it for the sheer undeniable fact that Hal can BFR it and aquaman tore a whole by it KOing it or killing it (i dont remember) i am batman toddler shirt in his personal comedian not too Batgirl long ago. So any of the 4 listed might put it down themselves while the other 3 give i am batman toddler shirt attention to other things. the largest risk Aquaman has workin for him is his tp. I am not a aquaman professor however i kno he handles fish and stuff well together with his TP but is he actually robust enough to take over superman or shazam THAT quick where they couldn’t simply be on the offensive for alittle cuz TP would take focus and with 3 heavy hitters going at him, is he nonetheless Despero/MM degree TP to manage one among them I am not really counting the atlantis army since most of them would be cannon fodder at that time.

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