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Some content material in this text is derived from data featured in Harry Potter and the Cursed Baby, and, as such, spoilers shall be current.
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Bane was a centaur living as a part of the Forbidden Forest Centaur colony.

Late in May of 1992, Bane and Firenze foretold Harry Potter’s future by studying the stars; “Remember, Firenze, we’re sworn not to set ourselves against the heavens. Have you ever not read what is to come in the motion of the i am iron man shirt neck planets ”. He also chastised Firenze questioning if he was a typical mule as he carried Harry Potter on his back.[2]

1995-1996 College Yr
Battle of Hogwarts

Through the Battle of Hogwarts, Bane and the opposite centaurs did not be part of the battle. When it seemed like Harry had sacrificed himself, Hagrid referred to as him a coward.This shamed him and the other centaurs so much that they determined to join the battle, breaking by means of the Dying Eater ranks into the Corridor.[5]

In 2020, Bane spoke with Harry Potter in the Forbidden Forest whereas Harry and others are trying to find his lost son Albus. In keeping with Bane, after the Battle of Hogwarts, the land they were currently trespassing on was deemed centaur land. Bane warned Harry that he has seen a black cloud over his son, foreboding a menace that might endanger all of them.[6]

Bodily Description
Bane was a very clever centaur, physically described as being black haired and black bodied and wild wanting, with a black beard.[1]

Divination – Like many centaurs, Bane possessed the flexibility to learn the stars, planets, and other celestial our bodies so as to predict the Men’s Custom Darkseid and Supergirl Short Sleeve Tee Shirt long run.
Archery – Bane was seen to be very skilled at aiming his arrow at Dolores Umbridge so that it merely “grazed her mousy brown hair” to frighten her after she claimed that the Forest belonged to the Ministry of Magic.

– A “bane” is something that (1) is a relentless source of unhappiness or worry; (2) may cause harm or loss of life or (3) a poison. The phrase comes from the outdated English bana.

The centaur Bane is voiced and portrayed by the British i am iron man shirt neck actor Jason Piper within the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Within the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Bane was by no means addressed by title, however there was only one of many Centaurs who had a black coat.
Within the e-book, Bane solely carried Umbridge off into the forest in the course of the Skirmish in the Forbidden Forest, however within the movie she was carried off by two Centaurs, neither of which appeared to be Bane.
The e-book Harry Potter: The Creature Vault incorrectly claims that Bane was the one who told Harry Potter about the properties of unicorn blood, although it was Firenze in both the guide and movie.