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Atom Cats is a energy armor gang in Fallout four.
1 Overview
2 Interactions with the player character
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Overview[edit | edit supply]
Just like the greasers of the past and their love of sizzling rods and muscle vehicles, the Atom Cats have a similar love of Power armor and base all the pieces they will to tricking out their suits of energy armor as greatest they will. They are basically a twenty third century greaser gang, besides with energy armor as a substitute of scorching rods.[1] They survive thanks to their mechanical expertise, trading spare components and restore companies for food, primarily with the neighboring Warwick Homestead.[2]

Interactions with the participant character[edit | edit source]
– The Cats might be joined by completing the Becoming a member of Atom Cats unmarked quest. jedi t shirt Doing so grants entry to their distinctive paintjob and a free Atom Cats jacket and denims.
– Duke is a random encounter character and can be found standing by a blue automotive south of Walden Pond and north of ArcJet Programs and west of Corvega Meeting Plant. For those who talk to him, he will give you the Atom Cats Garage location marker in your map. He is a member of the Atom Cats and wearing a jedi t shirt T-60 power armor in Atom Cat livery.
– Rowdy at the storage sells power armor components and frames.

Appearances[edit | edit supply]
The Atom Cats seem only in Fallout four.

↑ Duke: “My pals and that i soup up old Power Armor. We now have groovy steel fits like you’ve never seen. ”
↑ Rowdy: “The Warwick folks is likely to be squares, but they’re good sufficient. We help them with our expertise, they provide us meals.