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Can We Take That As Foreshadowing

With “Useless to Rights,” “Arrow” just delivered its most shocking, action-packed hour but, with Oliver (Stephen Amell) revealing his identity to finest friend Tommy (Colin Donnell) so as to help save Tommy’s father’s (John Barrowman) life. Due to Oliver’s revelation — and the truth that he apparently would by no means have informed his greatest good friend the reality have been it not for the Malcolm’s dire situation — it seems as though his relationship with Tommy might be irreparably damaged.

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As if that wasn’t enough, “Lifeless to Rights” also launched Alex Kingston as Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) mother, Dinah Lance, who introduced her daughter the shocking news that Laurel’s sister, Sarah, might not have died on the boat that stranded Oliver on the island in any case.

HuffPost Television caught up with the episode’s writer, DC Comics’ Chief Artistic Officer Geoff Johns, to get his thoughts on what the episode’s main twists mean for our characters within the episodes to come back.

I can not believe that Oliver truly revealed himself to Tommy. What are the repercussions going to be in terms of their friendship
Yeah, the thing I like in regards to the revelation … obviously he is revealed himself to a couple people now that he works with, however this one, he didn’t plan on this. He didn’t really feel like he wanted to do it, however he needed to do it in that moment to save somebody’s life and to assist his best buddy’s father, who ironically virtually killed him weeks prior.

I think the fallout from this one’s going to be rather more severe and much totally different than Diggle [David Ramsey] or Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards]. This wasn’t something joker shirts for sale he had to do; it is one thing he selected to do. He chose to do it for the proper cause, however I feel the moment when Tommy says, “Have been you ever going to tell me” after which Oliver says, “No,” I think that sums up what Tommy’s feeling proper there. You may see it on his face — his belief is shattered. He actually wants any individual like that proper now in his life, any individual that is stable and also you see that when they’re having dinner. You can see how important Oliver is to him and now it’s gone. It’s tragic.

The other massive second in the episode was Laurel’s mom arriving and dropping an enormous bombshell: Her sister might still be alive. How much will that affect Laurel and her storyline in the approaching weeks
It should influence it dramatically both here now and in the next episodes. I mean, hopefully, subsequent season … I don’t need to spoil a lot of it, however it was a pleasure to write that scene, as a result of it’s such a [large second]. joker shirts for sale You see the mom after which what she says about Sarah is one thing I don’t think folks have even thought-about.

And there was additionally the mention of Sarah’s outdated pet canary, who happened to be black … Can we take that as foreshadowing
It’s not hard to say it is foreshadowing. I think there’s easter eggs on this episode, however all these things are actually items of a bigger story and what’s going to come back up and yeah … Black Canary obviously is an extremely important character within the DC Universe, right alongside Green Arrow. So you may expect that she’s going to issue into this ultimately or one other down the road.

Malcolm came very close to revealing the truth about his personal id as the Dark Archer to Tommy this week, before every little thing went to hell. Will he attempt that once more any time soon
You may have to see what occurs between father and son in the following episodes, but it’s extremely cool.

Now that Diggle knows that Deadshot (Michael Rowe) is alive, I assume he’s going to be at the highest of Digg’s agenda
Yeah; it will likely be above Oliver’s agenda, that’s for sure.

Malcolm additionally namedropped Nanda Parbat, the place he says he met a man who helped him make sense of things after his spouse died. Clearly, Batman fans know the way essential that place is by way of the comics and its links to Ra’s Al Ghul …
Yeah, Nanda Parbat — it’s humorous, Andrew [Kreisberg] joker shirts for sale and that i thought of that for a while. “Is anybody even going to grasp this ” “Well, let’s do it anyway.”

I know it’s onerous to get the rights to Batman characters especially, but is there an opportunity we might see Ra’s in Starling Metropolis in some unspecified time in the future
You already know what I all the time say, “By no means say by no means.”

What was your favorite a part of writing this episode
That scene between Oliver and Tommy, when Oliver mentioned “no.” I simply love the simplicity of it because it’s not an extended scene, it isn’t overly descriptive, it is simple. It is most likely probably the most honest Oliver is in the whole episode. It is probably the most trustworthy I’ve seen Oliver. And you’ll see Stephen dig into that, into himself for that reply, on his face. Tommy’s not even taking a look at him and you can see simply the pain on Stephen’s face as he makes the decision, “I’ll be trustworthy lastly.” And he is, and it’s just that perhaps it wasn’t the neatest thing to be trustworthy about in the mean time.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at eight p.m. EST on The CW.

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