Justice League Homages A narrative From The Comics Supergirl Already Beat Them To

Warning: Main spoilers ahead for Justice League, in theaters now.

Men's Yoda Valval Desgin Long Sleeve Tee ShirtIn the final moments of the movie, Justice League has slightly little bit of fun enjoying with a story from the comics — and recreates an image from the DC Universe that will probably look very familiar to followers of The CW’s Supergirl.

The iconic picture of The Flash and Superman lining up for a race, most famously depicted on the cowl to Superman #199, a story so famous that ComicBook.com would identify it one in every of our ten essential Barry Allen tales.

There have been numerous reimaginings of the Flash/Superman race over the years, each in the usual DC Comics continuity and in other locations, such as the Justice League cartoon and DC Animated Universe tie-in comics. Probably the most memorable in recent years might be within the promotional artwork for Supergirl’s first full-on crossover with The Flash during Supergirl’s first season, which reimagined Superman #199 to include Supergirl supporting characters instead of those that populated the world of Superman’s Silver Age comics.

One fascinating twist on the picture is the fact that, in the film, Superman was depicted on the suitable-hand facet of The Flash during their race.

That could be a change to the norm — since Superman #199, The Flash has all the time been the character on the precise, with only a few exceptions, and most of those pictures do not look anything like the top-on shot used within the movie.

That could suggest that the movie itself was utilizing The Flash #fifty three for a visible cue. The difficulty was drawn by longtime Superman veteran Dan Jurgens, whose work has influenced the DC Extendeed Universe quite a bit and who ise periodically title-dropped by franchise star Henry Cavill.

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