LEGO Batman Constructing Sets

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The Batwing: The Joker Aerial Assault
Merchandise #: 7782
Released: 2006
Ages: 8-12
Pieces: 523

Joker Henchman

This constructing set was inspired by the tip of the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie. Both the Batwing and Joker Helicopter come with plenty of interactive features. To offer the flat streamline look of the Batwing, more plates are used than bricks. You may nonetheless fit a minifigure inside the cockpit, regardless of this design. The wings and wing flaps have been able to open and shut. When the wings were in the closed position, rockets could possibly be slid out and within the back of the of the Batwing, you could possibly launch a spring fired missile. The helicopter principal rotor blade and tail blade have been able to spin, so you could possibly simulate flying. Joker being a homicidal maniac had numerous weapons at his disposal as nicely. Joker Bombs may very well be dropped from under by pulling a lever, guns folded in and out of the sides and the cockpit held two minifigures and their weapons. A spotlight on the side could possibly be hit and fall off, it could then launch drop ladder.

The Batcave: The Penguin And Mr. Freeze Invasion
Merchandise #: 7783
Launched: 2006
Ages: 8-12
Items: 1,075

The Penguin

Penguin Minions (3)

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze Henchman


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Bruce Wayne
This can be the biggest Batman Constructing set launched and was a lot more than simply the Batcave. The set additionally got here with Robin Jet-Ski, The Bat-Blade Ice Sledge, and Penguin Submarine. A lot of the automobiles that come on this set are very fundamental in their design, however the submarine has panels that may be opened to store Penguin Minions and the rear foot flippers can transfer up and down. The Batcave is the dynamic mannequin in this building set. A large turret makes use of technic pieces, so that it may rotate as well as increase and lower its arsenal. The turret has the bat-signal, a cannon, and a web launcher. The vehicle pad spins to deploy the Bat-(insert automobile name) and was large enough to accommodate many of the models sold in the opposite constructing sets. The table top of the Bat-Computer can be lifted to retailer Batman and Robin various gadgets. The room containing the Batcomputer is just not too interactive, nevertheless it does come with a lot of nice details. The pc seems to be as if it is currently getting used to research Two-Face and Joker. It has totally different sections that Batman may use to keep watch over Gotham Metropolis and assist him along with his detective work. To help incorporate the opposite villains in Batman rogue gallery, this is the place his trophy room is positioned. In case any enemies ought to make it into the Batcave, there is a trap door that opens up and drop its victims right into a cage. Since Bruce Wayne doesn spend all his time in the Batsuit, there is a costume transformation chamber, that allows you to rotate and instantly change between Batman or Bruce Wayne. The Alfred, Bruce Wayne, Robin and Mr. Freeze Henchman minifigure designs are exclusive to this set.

Arkham Asylum
Item #: 7785
Released: 2006
Ages: 8-12
Pieces: 860

Poison Ivy


Safety Guard (2)
The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is the psychiatric prison that homes a few of essentially the most harmful criminals in the DC Universe. It’s located on the outskirts of Gotham City and lots of Batman enemies find yourself being declared legally insane and imprisoned in this facility. They have a tendency to escape…rather a lot, which can make this an action packed building set. To create this maximum safety psychiatric prison, the set permits you to construct a guard tower with searchlight, holding cells, an entrance gate, storage locker, and naturally a lab to run experiments on the inmates. The holding cell wall swings down to recreate a break out and there’s a mattress sheet rope that lets the minifigures climb down from the wall. The set additionally includes an asylum van, to transport patients to and from the amenities, and a motorcycle, for security detail. To assist Batman attain the ability, a jetpack is included to let him fly over the high prison partitions. The minifigure designs for Poison Ivy, Nightwing and the safety guards are exclusive to the Arkham Asylum set.

The Batmobile: Ultimate Collector Edition
Merchandise #: 7784
Launched: 2006
Ages: 10-14
Items: 1,045
Minifigures: None

Of all the vehicles Batman has at his disposal, none is extra well-known than the Batmobile. When movies are manufactured from the caped crusader, followers are simply as excited to see the Batmobile design as they’re his costume or what villains he will face off in opposition to. It is appropriate that an Final Collector Series ought to be made of the Batmobile. This model most intently resembled the design found in the comic books from the mid to late 90s. On the time of its release, this was the one Ultimate Collector Sequence that was not based on the Star Wars theme and could be the one Batman LEGO set to not include any minifigures.

The Batcopter: The Chase For Scarecrow
Item #: 7786
Released: 2007
Ages: 7-12
Pieces: 293

This constructing set includes the Batcopter, with a working missile launcher to shoot down enemy aircraft, and Scarecrow will get a biplane to drop his gas bombs from. It is interesting that Scarecrow gets a biplane all the time. There may be the apparent association with farming and crop dusting, each of which tie in properly to his moniker and use of poison gasses, however a biplane against a bat car doesn stand an opportunity. These autos would make it into the LEGO Batman video game, however Robin was the one flying the helicopter. Perhaps that is why for the LEGO Batman 2 video sport they changed the colors to suit Robin costume pattern of pink, yellow and green.

The Bat-Tank: The Riddler And Bane Hideout
Item #: 7787
Released: 2007
Ages: 8-12
Items: 645


This set will be a little misleading and is not as large as it may sound. Sure, the Bat-Tank measures a formidable 10 inches long, however the Hideout is basically a big fence, with a gun turret and highlight on the sides. It additionally comes with a motorbike and a few accessories like weapons, explosives and a canister for Bane venom, but there shouldn’t be a constructing for the ideout The tank comes with flick-fire missiles and moving treads to help destroy anything in its path.

The Batcycle: Harley Quinn Hammer Truck
Item #: 7886
Launched: 2008
Ages: 7-12
Pieces: 267

Harley Quinn
For this set, Batman must depend on speed to take down Harley Quinn. While both vehicles come with flick-fire missiles, the Hammer Truck has a working hammer, that can be swung utilizing a knob on the again. If you find yourself driving one thing product of LEGO bricks, Hammer beats missile each time. The Harley Quinn minifigure design is unique to this set.

Batman Buggy: The Escape Of Mr. Freeze
Merchandise #: 7884
Launched: 2008
Ages: 5-10
Pieces: 76

Mr. Freeze
With solely about 30 items used for every of the vehicle found on this set, they might have been bought as a Mini Building Set. These vehicles are so small that Mr. Freeze kart doesn have a steering wheel. (Not sure how successful this escape will probably be, if he can flip.) Although this set was not primarily based off of the Christopher Nolan motion pictures, the Batman minifigure had The Dark Knight costume, as a result of this set was launched the same 12 months because the film.

Robin Scuba Jet: Assault Of The Penguin
Merchandise #: 7885
Launched: 2008
Ages: 7-12
Pieces: 207



Penguin Minions (2)
This set lets you may have an underwater adventure. Robin Scuba Jet is a mini submarine, that can go after the bigger Penguin Submarine. Although he better be careful, while each subs have movable propellers, solely the Penguin has flick-fireplace missiles. Whereas Robin can simply match inside the cockpit of his car, the roof should be taken off of the Penguin sub to fit him inside. Also, the tally marks on the facet of Penguin’s sub don rely his Batman kills, but the number of instances he has been defeated. This is one in all solely two Batman units that did not include a Batman minifigure. Maybe that’s the reason in one of the 2008 LEGO catalogs the Robin minifigure was labeled Batman.

The Tumbler: Joker Ice Cream Shock
Merchandise #: 7888
Launched: 2008
Ages: 7-12
Items: 449

Joker Goon
This constructing set included Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight movie however did not recreate any scenes from the movie. The Batman minifigure, based mostly on Christian Bale Batsuit, and the Tumbler have been included on this box, but the Joker Ice Cream Truck was clearly not a part of this gritty film. The Tumbler cockpit might be opened up to seat two minifigures and may launch flick-hearth missiles. The ice cream truck has some surprises of its own, pushing the ice cream cone on the roof down will launch a missile out the again door.

The Batman Comic-Con Exclusive
Item #: COMCON003
Launched: 2008
Ages: N/A
Items: 9

For the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, LEGO gave away an unique minifigure Assortment field that contained Batman and Joker. This was a great approach to convey attention to the Batman Theme Building Units and The Darkish Knight film being launched that summer season. Although, the minifigures weren’t based on the film characters.

Comedian-Con Unique Batman Giveaway
Merchandise #: DC-1
Launched: 2011
Ages: N/A
Items: 13

Technically this promotional set belongs to the LEGO Tremendous Heroes Theme, however since it’s a Batman minifigure and often will get included into LEGO Batman Theme lists, I’ve included it right here. The 2011 Comic-Con in San Diego raffled 1,500 of these minifigures, with its unique card. The card resembled the front web page of a newspaper and gave folks data on the Super Heroes Super Challenge Contest, which let people create their very own LEGO Super Heroe video and a chance to win a prize. The Batman minifigure diverse from earlier variations by giving him extra of a scowl and adding extra details to his utility belt and costume.

Video Games
For the ultimate year of the LEGO Batman Theme sets, Traveller Tales would launch a LEGO Batman video recreation. It will incorporate many of the units launched right into a playable sport, plus many, many more.

Lego Batman – Nintendo Wii Purchase Now LEGO Batman: The Video Recreation
LEGO Batman could be the primary LEGO video game, based on licensed property, that might have an authentic story. Up until this level, these video games had followed the story of the film franchise they were primarily based on. The game does draw inspiration from different films, comics and cartoons, but the via storyline is exclusive. It even used Danny Elfman score, from the 1989 Batman movie. The game plays like other LEGO adventures. The hub world, the place you can purchase characters, upgrades and enter ranges, is set within the Batcave (heroes) and Arkham Asylum (villains). As you play by the degrees, the minifigure characters smash LEGO objects, assemble bricks, and clear up puzzles. Totally different character have particular skills and, to include the idea of Batman famed gadgets, Batman and his allies can use different fits with special perform.

Nintendo DS: A special variations of the game needed to be created for the Nintendo DS, Smart Phones, and iPhones/iPads to accommodate the memory and dimension constraints of those devices. While the telephones and tablet versions suffered from this conversion, the Nintendo DS can be nominated for IGN Greatest Motion Recreation of 2008 on the DS. Villain Hunt was an exclusive minigame that let gamers unlock 10 extra characters, solely available by enjoying on the DS.

LEGOBatman2: DC Tremendous Heroes – Nintendo Wii Purchase Now Batman 2: DC Tremendous Heroes
In 2012, a sequel to the LEGO Batman video sport was released. Nevertheless, this time it will tie into the LEGO Super Heroes theme that includes the entire DC Universe and not just the Batman family and his rogue gallery of villains. As soon as once more, it could be a LEGO Batman video game that may break tradition and introduce a completely new component. This was the primary TT LEGO game to interrupt away from the mumbling, grunts, gibberish and miming used by the characters to communicate. They forged actors give these characters voices and use precise words to speak. With 70 playable characters and an open world hub, this LEGO recreation was epic. Its was enhanced much more by scores from Danny Elfman Batman, John Williams Superman and unique music by Rob Westwood.

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At the least the brand new DC Super Heroes embody Batman.

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I miss the outdated Lego Batman sets so much too…

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I am glad to see a few of these fashions being recreated for the super heroes theme. I missed them on their unique release.


They have a brand new Arkham Asylum that’s at the moment out there in shops below the brand new DC Super Heroes Theme. It is really superior as well.

That would have been Superior!

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After studying this hub, I’m kind of disillusioned that that Traveller’s Tales did not put the Bat-Tank into Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes as an ulockable car.

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