Loopy DC Fan Redesigns Better Than The Movies

Men's Han-Solo Fathead Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsThis high fantasy variant of Superman would really fit perfectly within the DCEU. Why wasn there a set of Kryptonian armor for Clark aboard the Fortress of Solitude in Man of Steel? It appeared to be a common alternative of attire on Krypton; Jor-El wore one with the El family crest on it, and even Basic Zod had a novel set of his personal.

If Clark were ever to don a set of El family armor, he would seemingly look similar to this redesign by Omar Samy. The shine of the silver metal creates that signature heroic look, but blue and purple are still incorporated into the outfit for some traditional visible consistency. The fantasy components would possibly should be toned down (or toned up relying on how you feel about Kryptonian vogue sense), however it works fairly nicely overall.

Bonus points to the artist for including the lengthy hair and beard from The Dying of Superman great addition to an Wars already cool design!


What do you think of the characters designs within the DC Extended Universe movies? What about some DC artwork that you just get pleasure from? Feel free to share some DC fan art of your personal in the comments.

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