Margaret Murdock (Earth-616)

Maggie is the mom of Matt Murdock, the vigilante often called Daredevil. She and Jack had Matt after they were a younger couple. However, Maggie quickly suffered from postpartum depression, very emotional for no reasoning, having doubts, feeling continually anxious concerning Matt’s safety, thoughts which soon developed into self-loath, feeling estranged to everyone, as she thought of herself to be a bad mother. She could not trust herself to be around Matt or Jack.

Her depression grew to become a paranoia. She began thinking that Jack was plotting in opposition to her, she and Jack each had a bodily and psychological combat and that Matt was there to tear them apart. One evening, underneath the influence of her mental illness, Maggie tried to assault the baby. Jack stopped her, Maggie turned emotional and she truly hugged her husband and she doesn’t know what to do with her sickness that she delivered to the family. As soon as she got here to her senses, She lastly realized that she wanted to depart for her husband’s and her son’s sakes, she packed her luggage and she ran away in shame. She was taken in by a church, and took the name of Margaret. With the assistance of medical doctors and counseling, she recovered from her depression. She by no means got here back to the Murdock residence so she can protect her household from herself. [1]

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As an grownup, Matt first met Maggie throughout a time when Kingpin, having learned that Murdock was Daredevil, engineered the smash of his life on several levels. Practically damaged after making an attempt to get revenge and merely survive this all-out assault, Murdock was taken in by Sister Maggie and together with his enhanced senses, immediately felt the connection between them but he never knew that she was his mother. However, when he asked her flatly if she was his mother, Maggie calmly smiled and denied this but in her coronary heart she could not believe that she had a reunion with her son however she would not understand how to tell him the reality. Throughout this period of recovery, Maggie also briefly met Matt’s pal and ally, Spider-Man, who was put off each by how damaged Matt was and how intense Maggie appeared. For some time after, Maggie was a determine in Matt’s life but not a good one, though mainly in the background and periphery. Matt, who had ‘read’ Maggie’s response to his question with his abilities, knew she was mendacity, but not why.

Years later, While caring for an infant lady suspected of being the Antichrist, Daredevil brought her to Sister Maggie at the Clinton Mission Shelter. Maggie brought Daredevil into the Church, and he slept for 2 days straight in her room. While he slept, she cleaned his costume and cared for the infant. When Matt woke up, Maggie greeted him and provided him some food. After some small talk, Matt obtained her to finally admit that she was his mom. She noted the similarities between him and his father, but informed him she had no solutions for why she had left him so a few years before. When he questioned all the problems he had had in life and told her that God had let her off fairly simply, she slapped him throughout the face, and he dropped to his knees and apologized. After they talked for hours about Maggie’s life before changing into a nun she defined about her depression and sickness and the way she felt ashamed with being a bad wife and a nasty mother, she inspired him to ask God for answers concerning the child, telling him that in spite of everything of his experiences within the supernatural that he should haven’t any problem believing within the Almighty. He questioned how she could possibly be so confident in her faith, and she instructed him a story a couple of knight and a monk. Maggie then advised Matt to speak to Karen, who was waiting for him downstairs in the sanctuary.[2]

While Daredevil met with Dr. Unusual to query Mephisto about his potential involvement, Bullseye, despatched by Mysterio to retrieve the baby, assaulted the Clinton Mission Shelter. Maggie and the others refused to tell him where the child was, so he killed Sister Theresa and tortured Sister Anne, but Maggie kept the child hidden. When Daredevil returned, Maggie informed him what had happened, after which Bullseye appeared and attacked him. While the 2 battled, Maggie and Karen spoke quietly, and Karen confirmed up soon after, offering the baby to Bullseye in trade for not killing Daredevil, whom he had shot and now had at his mercy. Karen tricked him, delivering a doll, while Maggie tried to flee out the door with the real baby. Bullseye dropped Karen with the doll after which snatched the child from Maggie and raised Daredevil’s Billy Membership to kill her (or the baby), however Karen had grabbed his discarded gun and demanded he cease. Bullseye mocked her, as the gun solely had a single bullet, and he then hurled the billy club at Daredevil, however Karen leaped into its path and was killed when he went through her chest.

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