Marvel Comics Ends The Fantastic Four Alongside Secret Wars

Plans for the Fantastic Four movie sequel are useless, and so to are plans for any Fantastic Four Marvel Comics. For the primary time in five many years, there usually are not only no Incredible 4 comics within the works, but there are not any plans for any both. It a bittersweet day for Marvel founding family – the original superheroes that gave beginning to what we know as Marvel Entertainment.

Men's Boba_Fett Insignia Print Long Sleeve Tee ShirtHowever they didn exit with no bang. Marvel Comics greatest occasion ever – the fashionable Secret Wars – featured Implausible Four characters at the middle of it, namely Reed Richards (truly, two versions of him) and Doctor Doom. But there a very clear cause that when Marvel started selling its post-Secret Wars ll-New, All-Completely different Marvel books the Fantastic Four team was not among them.

Word: The following submit comprises SPOILERS for Marvel Secret Wars




The brand new Secret Wars (not to be mistaken with the two collection of the identical title from the 0s) has been within the works for years and is basically the creation of writer Jonathan Hickman who plotted out an unbelievable three years value of intertwining tales between his Marvel NOW! Avengers and New Avengers comics running from 2012 to April 2015. That led instantly into May 2015 launch of Secret Wars.

In the background of those Avengers stories the seemingly infinite quantity of various Marvel universes have been collapsing in on one another, with Earth being the incursion level and worlds literally colliding (except one destroyed the opposite) till there were only two remaining: the mainstay 616 universe and the ultimate universe. Secret Wars began when the final Incursion occured and out of it got here Battleworld, an amalgamation of bits of various Marvel universes, saved by od who we learn is Physician Doom. His right hand and Sheriff is Physician Strange. His police pressure are an army of Thors.

All the pieces was intensely totally different and certainly as bizarre because it sounds, but this event allowed Marvel writers to discover a bunch of basic comedian arcs, from the Age of Apocalypse and Marvel Zombies, to a different Civil Struggle and Outdated Man Logan. It let them throw away continuity and rules and produce back whoever they needed, changing characters at will. Wolverine didn have to be dead anymore and Peter Parker and Miles Morales might web-sling side by side. It was the ultimate gimmick, but it surely additionally meant nothing was relatable. This Battleword and all the pieces in it – literally replacing each Marvel Comics line – was finally one thing unlike anything in real-life. It was Marvel superheroes taken to the most excessive of fantasies, for higher or worse.

Secret Wars #9 Cover Artwork by Alex Ross

It didn help that it was closely delayed too. The All-New, All-Totally different Marvel universe began earlier than Secret Wars had even ended, made even more complicated by the announcement of 2016 huge crossover occasion, Civil Struggle II. However yesterday, on the second comic ebook launch day of 2016, Secret Wars #9, the conclusion to Marvel biggest occasion finally arrived. It ends with original Reed – with the help of Molecule Man, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Black Panther, and Namor, defeating Doom. Reed takes over the God-like powers of the universe and restores Earth, now identified because the Prime Earth (R.I.P. 16 . And then he, Susan, their youngsters, and the future Foundation use their powers to start out crafting different universes, constructing the multiverse anew. They call themselves a amily as an alternative of superheroes now, and Reed calls himself 笍ust dad as an alternative of Mr. Incredible.

Their conclusion was a sensible tactic to maintain them alive however not involved in Marvel Comics. At least for now. That is the end of the Fantastic Four and the outdated Marvel Universe for the time being, however like all Marvel characters, there never really a real finish.

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