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Ranking The Actors Enjoying Superman

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Television margin:0px !important;” /> Vote on your favourite Superman!
Who’s your favourite actor to painting Superman

Christopher Reeve
George Reeves

Tom Welling
Dean Cain

Brandon Routh
Kirk Alyn

John Haymes Newton
Gerard Christopher

Bob Holiday
David Wilson
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sendingDuaneJ three years ago
I had no clue that so many actors have played the function of Superman. Christopher Reeves is my favourite.

rjbatty, thanks a lot in your insightful evaluation. We write hoping for responses like this. I agree wholeheartedly together with your opinion regarding George Reeves. He was one of the best Clark of all of them, and his Superman was calm and self-assured. If there was ever a Justice League movie that could pluck actors out of any era, George Reeves could be the one I’d most have wished to see interact with other actors/heroes.

Chris Reeve made essentially the most convincing Superman from a physical perspective. It is troublesome to think about someone trying higher in the costume. He brought a charm and honesty to the position and made it his own. The increasingly poor scripts were a shame.

Tom Welling grew nicely into the role on television, though his abilities as an actor have been more restricted. He at all times had an honest supporting cast to play off of (much like Dean Cain within the Lois and Clark collection), and it made for some good moments.

Brandon Routh was restricted by the fabric–it was unfair to ask him to simply be a Chris Reeve clone. I want he could have had another movie to prove himself as a result of I feel he might have accomplished a nice job.

You’re absolutely appropriate–time erodes our reminiscences and perceptions of those who came first. I’ve had an analogous argument with basketball followers who claim Michael Jordan to be the better of all time, whereas older fans ceaselessly go for Wilt Chamberlain. There are fewer of us round who remember George Reeves than there as soon as were, which is a shame. If only he really may very well be transplanted into the 21st century, where special effects may add the same wonder to his portrayal of the Man of Steel that it has to his successors.

Thanks again in your terrific response–I sit up for updating this article after the next film. Take care.

Mike: You’ll be able to notice one thing very obvious with your chart, i.e.the older actors who performed Superman have obtained many much less votes than the newer. With the passage of time, folks merely die or overlook or don’t log on to HubPages, thus their vote is beneath-sampled. While your intentions are pure, the hope of discovering essentially the most admired Superman can not assist but be skewed by time. The public has the retention span of an insect. It will all the time find the subsequent iteration to be the “greatest.” And this is unfair for a number of reasons. Cinematography continues to enhance, the ability of a studio to review demographics continues to enhance. While one era fades into oblivion, the subsequent exerts the loudest voice. We have now a era at this time that barely heard of Elvis Presley and even The Beatles — so how can we anticipate them to judge the roles of prior Supermen impartially It simply can’t be executed. Talking for myself, I’m just barely conscious of the work Kirk Alyn did as Superman — so how can I pretty judge him among the others I’m not saying that you purposely created a false survey, but, nicely, frankly, that’s all it would ever find yourself being.

Secondly, I am not making an attempt within the slightest to discourage you from constructing the kind of Hub you’re feeling is most partaking. I think that the work you’ve carried out here is superb — far exceeding any article I’ve come throughout. So, I do know your intentions are good and honest. I just should remark that neither you nor I may derive at a “finest” Superman as a result of every Superman belongs to a specific age — and that age is advantaged/disadvantaged by its longevity.

I watched some however not all of “Lois and Clark” and hardly gave any discover to Dean Cain as a result of I could not tear my eyes off of Terri Hatcher. (This is another Hub you may attempt creating …) I found Hatcher to be the sexiest Lois and that i basically had no want for a Superman to be within the series. Dean Cain just seemed like, well, sort of a distraction.

In contrast to everybody else on the planet, I found Kate Bosworth to even be a scene stealer in “Superman Returns,” although I nonetheless give excessive credit to Brandon Routh (who I didn’t entirely overlook).

The subsequent movie,”Superman: The Man of Steel,” will readjust our opinions — up or down, but the disagreement will go on till the older generations merely stop voting because they’re all useless. If I have been alive throughout the 1930s when Superman first arrived in all his colorful glory — and if I have been to be proven a costume to be worn by Henry Cavill vs. what I noticed within the comics, I do marvel the avengers t shirt not assume there can be a lot argument about which was the superior design. The design that match thirties America evidently will not be the identical design that matches the early twenty first Century. And I’m sure when i see Amy Adams on the screen as Lois, I’ll instantly neglect any of her progenitors.

For me George Reeves personified Superman — despite the low finances and all the pieces else. Why As a result of he was probably the most mature of the lot. The scripts by no means received a lot in the best way of whether or not he was torn between being Superman or Clark Kent. No. He carried out each roles with out battle. He was at all times regular, assured. The concept of marrying Lois would have appeared ludicrous. Reeves (despite what we learn) came throughout as a protective, loving and gentle Superman — one who was didn’t endure from id conflict and maintained a self-assurance that none of his predecessors were able to master (or given the chance to master).

I thought it was a raw deal that Christopher Reeve confronted one image after one other with a diminishing funds and forged. I assumed it was a raw deal that Brandon Routh did not get an opportunity to show himself with out being hamstrung as a Christopher Reeve clone. The film biz is ruthless, that is for positive.

I hope the Henry Cavill Superman will knock our socks off, however I am going to all the time have emotional feelings for the actors who got here before. In America, who gets to play the next Superman is of better importance than who plays the next Hamlet.

AuthorMike Lickteig 5 years ago from Lawrence KS USA
rjbatty, thanks to your feedback. In the long run you are appropriate–the order is all a matter of opinion, and the poll at the underside of the hub displays that to a big degree. I’ll do an replace as soon as the brand new Superman comes out, however I feel it is only applicable to attend. I am unable to help but marvel how you’d price the actors. In case you are of a mind to, cease by again and let me know. Till then, thanks again.

rjbatty 5 years ago from Irvine
Fascinating Hub. I don’t agree along with your particular order, however that is okay. It is all a matter of opinion, I suppose. You would possibly wish to do an replace re. the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel (though none of us have seen it as of this date).

Thanks, Fanboy. Chris Reeve was my favorite of all the actors to play Superman, as properly.
I admire your stopping by.

The Fanboy 6 years in the past from South Africa
Hey Mike, implausible hub. I love Superman, and Christopher Reeve is my all-time favorite actor within the position.

AuthorMike Lickteig 6 years in the past from Lawrence KS USA
Trusouldj, thanks to your feedback. While I used to be a bit laborious on the Superboy sequence and the actors who performed the position, I preferred the present and appreciated the work Newton and Christopher did. I always believed they might have achieved better with better scripts, but I always felt their place in the historical past of Superman is justified. Their show was indeed, “Smallville before there was Smallville”.

trusouldj 6 years in the past from Indiana
Thanks for including Newton and Christopher from the Superboy sequence. This present was the original Smallville, but was pushed off the air in favor of growing Lois and Clark. In actual fact, one of many Superboy actors auditioned and was appreciated for the Dean Cain function till they realized he’d in been within the costume earlier than.

Surlyoldcat, thank you for mentioning that Superman made his first appearance in 1938. I had not observed my error and i recognize the correction. I’ll notice it immediately, and that i thanks again. I remember the outdated costumes, also. A friend of mine had a Batman costume that he merely treasured. I had a Superman costume when I was young, as properly.

Thanks in your comments, and for noticing my error. I admire it a terrific deal.
surlyoldcat 7 years in the past

I hate to be the bee in the bonnet, but superman debuted in 1938, not 1939. That was the 12 months Batman appeared in Detective Comics.

However that is simply litle nitpick, this text kicked A….uhm…backside. WHat an important hub for around this time of 12 months. Remember the outdated vynil costumes I had Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and wore them all until they were rendered competely useless.

Thanks for stirring up these recollections. I’ll relish this always.
Sjk6101983, thanks for stopping by. I never noticed ‘Hollywoodland’ however will see if I can give it a glance someday. It sounds intriguing–George Reeves had an fascinating life and career. Thanks very a lot for the suggestion.

sjk6101983 7 years ago from Milwaukee, WI
Did anybody ever see “Hollywoodland” the place Ben Affleck performed George Reeves Any Superman fan ought to watch that film. I am not into the entire superhero scene actually myself – I just love previous Hollywood motion pictures – and that i loved the story behind this movie.

Hey, Tom. Channel 50 had Superman Returns on tonight, so I got to see some of it once more before sitting down here. It didn’t change something. Routh was sadly doomed to imitate Chris Reeve. It virtually seemed that was what they expected of Kevin Spacey whereas choosing up the place Gene Hackman left off, but Spacey had the talent to make the function his personal. (Who was higher as Luthor, Hackman or Spacey Don’t reply too rapidly…)

I preferred Superman Returns, but forgot how a lot they imitated the first Superman movie. If we had been to consider that Superman Returns picks up 5 years or so after Superman (or Superman II) left off, would Superman and Lois actually be repeating things they said to each other previously

Properly, thanks for stopping by, and it’s a authentic question–who was higher as Luthor
Sure. It will need to have been fairly a scary job to strategy the position of Superman when you might have the efficiency of Reeves continually trying over your shoulder. It would be like someone attempting to pull-off a redo of “Citizen Kane”–or for readers unfamiliar with anything that occurred before the yeqar 2000–someone making an attempt to do The Joker again, with Heath Ledger’s maniacal giggle consistently ringing in your ears. Query: they managed to honor Ledger with an Oscar (although, alas, he needed to die to get it), why could not they’ve given one to Reeves Reply: Because Oscar is only allowed to get it proper 25% of the time. Or so it would seem.

Hello, Tom! Seems like we are in settlement about Reeve, a minimum of, if not Catwoman. Chris Reeve was born to play Superman, and in a manner it is easy to understand why they tried so exhausting to get Brandon Routh to look and act like Reeve. If you can’t high his performance, you mimic it, I assume. The Superman film was what super-hero films had been purported to be like, and it proved you may get it proper, blazing the path for Howard the Duck and his contemporaries. It was certainly a shame that they couldn’t produce higher sequels. The second film was fair, but Richard Pryor as a hapless adversary in the third movie was not a good idea, even if Pryor was a relatively scorching display presence at the time. And the fourth movie isn’t even worth mentioning….

The story is that the intent is to make one other Superman movie, however similar in (dark) model to the newest Batman offerings. I hope not–Superman and Batman lend themselves to various kinds of storytelling, and it would be the fallacious fashion for Superman. We shall see, I assume.

Effectively, take care.
ThomasWMutherJr 7 years in the past from Topeka, KS

In contrast to your article about the various Catwoman actresses, I agree with you a hundred% right here, though if I’d tackled the subject, I would have made it clear there was a large gulf between 1st and 2nd place. Of all the performances of every super-hero movie ever made, Christopher Reeve gave the single best efficiency of all–not counting Heath Ledger’s because the Joker which belongs in a universe all its personal. He was in a position to carry absolute sincerity to the function, all of the while sustaining a twinkle in his eye–a balancing act that very few actors may have pulled off. Add to this his bodily beauty, the lately pumped-up physique perfectly suited to the role, and a comic deftness which brought hilarity to his portrayal of Clark Kent and you’ve got an ideal storm of display screen presence and acting potential. It is too bad they weren’t able to produce better scripts for the sequels. Cheers!

Habee, thanks for stopping by. Chris Reeve was my favourite, also.
Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

Great hub! I had to go together with Reeve.
WeakvsFire, thanks for reading. I preferred Chris Reeves one of the best additionally. Your comment about darker heroes is useless on–I learn someplace that the explanation another Superman film wasn’t made was because the success of the Batman flicks made producers look for tactics to offer a “darker” Superman. A bad idea, in my view; Superman doesn’t lend itself to the identical type of storytelling.

I very a lot approve of the job Tom Welling has done on Smallville. You are right in regards to the scripts from the previous few seasons. I feel the present suffered from the lack of the actor enjoying Lex Luthor–with out Superman’s main nemesis, the present has lost a few of its focus. Inexperienced Arrow appears to be the star as much as Clark/Superman, and i additionally struggle a bit with the decision to make small city geek Chloe into an excellent-spy. I do like the appearance of the other heroes–the Justice Society, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Martian Manhunter, and so on. I wonder what it would take to get an look from a young Bruce Wayne

Properly, thanks once more to your feedback, they are tremendously appreciated!
WeakvsFire 7 years in the past

I am additionally principally partial to Christopher Reeves. At all times thought he portrayed Superman greatest as the final word boy scout but still likable. I say still as a result of being completely good in each manner could come off as really annoying (cough Mary Poppins). Goodness knows it’s more durable now to do adaptations since having heroes folks can determine with or heroes with a little bit of a darkish facet are more in. That is why I even have to present it up for Tom Welling for doing a good job in Smallville…although I’m involved with among the writing in the previous few seasons.

Hello, Sabreblade. You understand, you’re proper about George Reeves. He did have a certain smug look about him that the other actors who portrayed Superman never did. Just a tiny little smile that made you think he didn’t take any of it too seriously (as Superman and as an actor taking part in him). And, if you give it some thought, you most likely could be slightly cocky if crooks tried to shoot at you again and again.

Thanks once more for studying, Sabreblade. Hope you will have an incredible weekend.
sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

Oh course I liked Chris Reeve, but did you even notice that George Reeves sometimes made Superman kinda cocky I mean he was an excellent guy and all, but sometimes he looked at the dangerous guys like he was thinking “Oh please.” Normally after the millionth time some idiot shot at him. Seems to be like someone would have told the crooks, “Guns do not WORK on him!”

Andy, thanks for reading. I all the time thought it was a disgrace that “Superman Returns” appeared a lot a tribute to Chris Reeve and his portrayal. I by no means thought the movie gave Routh an opportunity to show what he may do. You’re right, there was a bit of Smallville to the movie that didn’t serve Routh nicely, either. I read that Routh hopes to play the Man of Steel again, however another film has been held up by the need to make Superman movies darker in theme and scope, as has been executed with the Batman motion pictures.

On condition that, I wouldn’t thoughts seeing Routh given another probability with some fresh writing that doesn’t draw from the previous movies so much. We’ll see, I assume.

Thanks again on your feedback.

Andy Webb 7 years ago
That was rather enlightening as beyond the apparent 6 I was unaware of the 80’s Tv collection with John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher. Personally I would have putt Dean Cain above Tom Welling and Brandon Routh right down to sixth. For me Routh’s model tried to seize Reeve’s version however then at the identical time deliver a little bit of “Smallville” to it and as such didn’t work. But then I doubt anybody will ever surpass Christopher Reeve’s efficiency as Superman.

AuthorMike Lickteig 7 years in the past from Lawrence KS USA
Amez, thanks for visiting and leaving a remark. George Reeves was the Superman I knew as a child, and that i at all times admired how down-to-earth and cheap he seemed. It was a extremely fun show to look at.

Thanks again for commenting.
Amez 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Great Subject to build a Hub around, I really preferred George Reeves, almost definitely as a result of thats when I actually watch it on Television. I admire your analysis, was good to see all of them collectively and study alittle about who they had been indiviually.

rml, I like Tom Welling also. One of many good issues a few television sequence, particularly a series that has run for 8+ years, is that you have an opportunity to develop the character and make it your own. Welling has achieved that pretty well (no pun supposed), and that i give him credit for the work he has performed on the collection.

Thanks to your remark.
rml 8 years in the past

I feel Tom Welling does an excellent job on Smallville, and that i would have to say he is turn out to be my favourite.

Thanks for weighing in, Linda. Chris Reeve was my private favorite, but George Reeves was second.
Linda eight years ago

George Reeves was my favorite. I like Christopher Reeve, also.
AuthorMike Lickteig 8 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

The idea of using great powers in behalf of democracy was never more evident than the tv tag line, citing a “by no means-ending battle for fact, justice and the American method”. In that period the three have been seemingly synonymous, and the concept caught on as heroes like Captain America and the Human Torch duked it out with Hitler and the Nazis throughout World Battle II.

Thanks in your comments, Bill. They are much appreciated.
Bill Getz 8 years ago

A effective job of analysis. In the early sixties a critic named Seymour Krim did an essay on the political significance of the Superman character and determined that the original comic-guide character was an inversion of the Nietzschean “Ubermensch” stereotype into the widespread man utilizing such powers in behalf of democracy, not fascism, as within the case of different such heroes (notably Flash Gordon).

The identical democratic critique was later used to praise “Star Trek.”
BTW, as you probably know, George Reeves seems in the primary scene of “Gone With the Wind” as considered one of Scarlett O’Hara’s suitors. Bill