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End Of The World

One thing will happen on December 21, 2012. What it is or how exactly it’ll go down, no one can really say but, but something WILL happen, this much Biblical scholars, scientists, political analysts and astronomers agree. Many have interpreted 2012 to imply the top of the world – the Apocalypse – the reaping. This is basically because of a really influential, however little know historic ebook referred to as the Guide of Enoch. Delusion or truth Here is what it’s essential know.

The historic Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world in 2012 or no less than that is what it has been interpreted as. For an in any other case technologically unimpressive civilization, the Mayan calendar has baffled scientists and archeologists with it is exact calculations and predictions, a feat which would solely be surpassed with trendy expertise long, lengthy after. So maybe there is purpose to no less than consider the potential for one thing extraordinarily occurring on December 21, 2012

Depending on your religion, on your chosen path, there are lots of explanations for what will happen in 2012. The well-known teller of fortunes, Nostradamus, additionally predicted the end of the world. However somewhat than simply being sensationalist, few have taken the time to accurately describe what can really occur. I appeared far over the internet for information and the reality is out there – however it is not simple to place collectively.

Some individuals imagine 2012 has to do with the mysterious Planet X, which astronomers have mary poppins tee shirt suspected to be part of the Solar System on an inverted axis. Astronomers have come to this conclusion from observing a collection of occurrences that recommend a gravitational pull from an unexplained object. This proposed Planet X can be enormous in measurement, possibly as huge as Jupiter and would enter into shut proximity to earth and the Photo voltaic System in 2012 offsetting nature in methods unimaginable – shifting the earths poles from North to South, altering the rotation of night and day until he day is however a few hours lengthy and disintegrating the atmosphere. This idea is given some credentials from all of the Hollywood movies have been a cosmic catastrophe forces A few of the earths folks to enter hiding underground. It is never the atypical individuals though in these movies. Are Hollywood prepping us for a collapse of society

One other rationalization and one that’s much more sinister has to do with the Ebook of Enoch, suspected to be the oldest religious textual content on this planet. This guide was as soon as well-known and it is influences are felt in each the Bible and Quaran however the teachings from that ebook have been censored by the early Church due to it is sinister accounts of Fallen mary poppins tee shirt Angels and Deamons and the way they got here to earth. Within the E-book of Jason_Todd Enoch, angels (aliens ) come to the earth and take people as their mates creating a distinct interbreed of people and one thing else. This are the giants talked about in the Bible, that has puzzled Christians for thus long.

These angels/demons/aliens are referred to as the Nephilim and the Ebook of Enoch tells us that God/The Almighty was so displeased with how they had corrupted the earth and the DNA of humans that he cast their chief Azazel into the ground (Satan/Devil). Azazel taught the people the art of war, how to make weapons, tips on how to harness the power of greed for personal acquire. But Azazel rests deep past floor till it is time for the showdown. Is 2012 that showdown Is Azazel the Anti-Christ or the Dajjal in Islam

Different theories about 2012 are more immediate. They have to do with the mysterious cabal of Bankers, Politicians and Previous Aristocratic Households who have been controlling the world in secret while plotting for their mary poppins tee shirt remaining takeover of the world – the so known as New World Order. The names for this unholy cabal are many the Illuminati, the Freemasons 33’diploma, The Council on Overseas Relations, The Bilderberger Group. There’s definitely no doubt that powerful people are doing what they will these years to spread concern among the many individuals (terrorist threats, the Patriot act).

Subsequent is a breakdown of the US Greenback and the introduction of a World Forex which will make it much simpler to control the world. This foreign money is already here and it’s called IMF SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights). What concerning the Swine Flu, the Avian Flu Many of these folks imagine the earth’s inhabitants must be decimated. Are they getting ready us for the final breakdown in 2012

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