Me, Myself, And Star Wars

Snoke is the supreme leader of the brand new first order, brought kylo ren to the darkish aspect, is feared, and is terribly scarred. But who is snoke? Yes, he may very well be a totally new character, however he could be a character from the opposite movies which are presumed dead. I went to some websites with some theories about snoke id, and right here is three theories about snoke:

Men's Luke Skywalker Star War Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt1. Snoke could possibly be Grand moff tarkin. Now, they’re both previous and snoke might have escaped the primary loss of life star, just horribly scarred. however snoke has the drive, and tarkin doesn , so snoke is probably not tarkin.
2. Snoke might be Mace windu. they e both bald, and if windu might have surived the fall, he might have been scarred. however I hear snoke has an english accent, so might it or may it not be mace windu.
3. Snoke may very well be the grand inquisitor. They both have many comparisons, and, once more, he could have survived his near suicide.

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