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Making A Superman Movie

Fleischer Superman Cartoons (1941-1943): Fleischer Episode Guide – Data and Episode Information for the 17 Fleischer Superman cartoons made between 1941 and 1943. The Tremendous Guide to the Fleischer Superman Cartoons – Ross Might’s detailed article on the Fleischer Superman cartoons. Fleischer Superman Cartoon Opinions – Reviews of all 17 cartoons. – DVD Overview – Max Fleischer’s Superman: 1941-1942

Superman Serials – Starring Kirk Alyn – Detailed Chapter Synopsis and Cast Data for “Superman” (1948) and “Atom Man vs. Superman” (1950) Serials. – DVD Overview – Superman: The 1948 & 1950 Theatrical Serials Collection

Superman: The Film (1978) Superman II (1980) Superman III (1983) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Superman II: The Donner Lower (2006)
Superman II: Restored Worldwide Lower – an in-depth 6-half overview of the fan-made “Restored International Lower” of Superman II.

Superman: The Music (1978-1988) – Evaluate of the eight-disc CD Soundtrack Assortment.
Superman Returns – Information on the 2006 Superman film. “Superman Returns” Set Go to Report – Large 12-part report from Steve Younis’ “Superman Returns” set go to (Might 2006). Film Assessment (with spoilers) by Steve Younis Huge Movie Assessment (with spoilers) by Neal Bailey Film Review (with spoilers) by Neal Bailey Movie Overview (with spoilers) by Jeffrey Bridges Film Assessment (spoiler free) by Barry Freiman Film Evaluation (spoiler free) by Marc Freiman Tutorial Essay on “Superman Returns” by Ben Murnane

Introduction/Packaging Review Discs 1-four: “Superman: The Film” Four-Disc Special Version Disc 5 & 7: “Superman II” Two-Disc Particular Version Disc 6: “Superman II: The Richard Donner Lower” Disc eight: “Superman III” Deluxe Edition Disc 9: “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” Deluxe Version Disc 10-eleven: “Superman Returns” Two-Disc Particular Version Disc 12: Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman Disc 13: You will Consider: The Cinematic Saga of Superman Disc 14: Bryan Singer’s Video Journals

Superman: Doomsday – Data on the 2007 animated film. Evaluation of “Superman: Doomsday” by Neal Bailey (from the 2007 San Diego Comedian Con premiere) Overview of “Superman: Doomsday” by Steve Younis Assessment of “Superman: Doomsday” by Noah Runzo Assessment of “Superman: Doomsday” by Jason Larouche (with indepth synopsis) Evaluate of “Superman: Doomsday” by Michael Bailey

Justice League: The brand new Frontier – Information on the 2008 animated film. Review of “Justice League: The brand new Frontier” by Jeffrey Taylor (from the 2008 WonderCon premiere) Review of “Justice League: The new Frontier” Soundtrack CD by Barry Freiman

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – Information on the 2009 animated film. Evaluate of “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies” by Jeffrey Taylor

Justice League: Disaster on Two Earths – Information on the 2010 animated movie. Evaluate of “Justice League: Disaster on Two Earths” by Barry Freiman

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse – Info on the 2010 animated movie. Review of “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” by Jeffrey Bridges “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” Comic Guide Comparability by Jeffrey Taylor

Assessment of “Superman/Shazam!” by Barry Freiman
All-Star Superman – Info on the 2011 animated film. Spoiler-Free Evaluate of “All-Star Superman” by Scotty V Evaluation of “All-Star Superman” by Jeffrey Bridges

Evaluation of “The Superman Movement Image Anthology” Blu-ray Collection by Steve Younis
Justice League: Doom – Data on the 2012 animated movie. Review of “Justice League: Doom” by Steve Younis

Superman vs. The Elite – Information on the 2012 animated film. Assessment of “Superman vs. The Elite” by Steve Younis

Evaluation of “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Half 2” by Steve Younis
Man of Steel – Information on the 2013 film. “Man of Steel” Trailer Evaluate – Michael Bailey writes an indepth examination of the trailer launched in December 2012. Movie Review (spoiler-free) by Steve Younis Movie Review (spoiler-free) by Shawn Morrissey Movie Assessment (spoiler-free) by Scotty V First Impressions by Marc Pritchard Evaluation and Assessment – With Spoilers by Scotty V Movie Evaluate (with spoilers) by Michael J. Petty Movie Assessment – Superman Doesn’t Kill (with spoilers) by T.A. Ewart Why the World Wants a “Relatable” Superman: Man of Steel Detailed Assessment by Marc Pritchard

“Man of Steel” Blu-ray/DVD Assessment by Steve Younis “Man of Steel” Commentary (YouTube) – Scotty V and Steve Younis sat down to observe “Man of Steel” and commentate on the film from starting to finish.

Exclusive interview with Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson Unique interview with Allison Crowe Exclusive interview with “Man of Steel” Novelization Author Greg Cox “Man of Steel” Incessantly Requested Questions “Man of Steel” Kryptonian Language

Justice League: Battle – Data on the 2014 animated film. Evaluation of “Justice League: Doom” by T.A. Ewart

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis – Data on the 2015 animated film. Review of “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” by Rennie Cowan

Evaluation of “LEGO® DC Comics Tremendous Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League” by T.A. Ewart
Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Data on the 2015 animated film.

Batman v minion avengers t shirt mens Superman: Daybreak of Justice – Info on the 2016 film. Superman Costume Tweaks – “Man of Steel” to “Batman v Superman” Superman Costume Comparison. Movie Assessment by Steve Younis Film Review by T.A. Ewart Movie Assessment by Stephen W. Wright “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Final Version Blu-ray Review by Steve Younis

Justice League vs. Teen Titans – Data on the 2016 animated film.
Justice League – Data on the 2017 movie.

Supergirl (1984)
“Look! Up in the Sky! The Wonderful Story of Superman” (2006 documentary)

Hollywoodland (2006 George Reeves biopic)
Confessions of a Superhero (2007 documentary)

– Christoper Reeve “Superman” Films: Interview with Jack O’Halloran – Talks about “Superman II: The Richard Donner Lower” and ideas for “Smallville” (March 2009) Interview with Michael Thau – Producer and Reconstructive Editor on “Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut” (December 2006) Interview with Ilya Salkind – Ilya Salkind talks about his profession engaged on Superman, Supergirl and Superboy (February 2006) Interview with Ilya Salkind – Ilya Salkind, co-producer on the primary three “Superman” movies talks about Special Version DVDs (January 2006) Interview with Sarah Douglas – Starred as Ursa in the “Superman” motion pictures with Christopher Reeve (February 2005) Interview with Jack O’Halloran – Starred as Non in the “Superman” motion pictures with Christopher Reeve (February 2005) Interview with Margot Kidder – Starred as Lois Lane in the “Superman” films with Christopher Reeve, and likewise starred as Bridgette Crosby in the Tv present “Smallville” (February 2005) Interview with Jeff East – Starred as younger Clark Kent in “Superman: The Movie” (November 2004) Interview with Jack O’Halloran – Starred because the Kryptonian villain “Non” in Superman: The Movie and Superman II (October 2001) AOL Online Chat with Christopher Reeve – Followers chat with Christopher Reeve online about the discharge of the Superman DVDs (May 2001) Interview with Michael Thau – Producer and Editor on the Special Version of “Superman: The Film” (April 2001) Interview with Richard Donner – Director of “Superman: The Film” (March 2001) Interview with Christopher Reeve – 1983 interview with Christopher Reeve on “Superman III” (March 1983)

Interview with Helen Slater – Helen Slater talks about “Supergirl” and playing Lara on “Smallville” (July 2008) Interview with Helen Slater – Helen Slater talks about “Supergirl”, visitor-starring on “Smallville”, and her music (September 2007)

An evening with Jack Larson – Steve Younis talks with Jack Larson about his position in “Superman Returns” (May 2005) Interview with Bryan Singer – Director of “Superman Returns” (February 2005)

Interview with Brandon Routh – Clark Kent/Superman Interview with Bryan Singer – Director Interview with Kevin Spacey – Lex Luthor Interview with Kate Bosworth – Lois Lane Interview with Parker Posey – Kitty Koslowski Interview with Sam Huntington – Jimmy Olsen Interview with Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty – Script Writers Interview with Paul Levitz – Head of DC Comics

Interview with Brandon Routh – Clark Kent/Superman in “Superman Returns”. Interview with Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris – Script writers on “Superman Returns”. Interview with Louise Mingenbach – Costume Designer on “Superman Returns”. Interview with Neil Corbould – SFX Supervisor on “Superman Returns”. Interview with Guy Dyas – Manufacturing Designer on “Superman Returns”.

Interview with Noel Neill – Discussing her ideas on the movie “Hollywoodland” (February 2007)
Interview with Fred Shay – Preserver of outdated radio shows, films, movie serials and television exhibits (August 2007) Interview with Christopher Dennis – Christopher Reeve/Superman impersonator (March 2007) Interview with Sandy Collora – Creator of the extremely acclaimed fan film “Batman: Dead Finish” and “World’s Best” movie trailer (July 2004) Interview with Ben Torres on “Superman Lives” Toy Ideas – Senior designer at Hasbro Toy Group opens up about Superman concept drawings created for the by no means-made film (December 2012)

Clayton “Bud” Collyer (Voice of Superman on Radio & Animation) Kirk Alyn Christopher Reeve Marlon Brando

How you can make a Superman Movie – by Steve Younis (January 1999) Tips on how to make a Superman Film – Fan Reactions. Concerning Jon Peters – by King Krypton. Making a Superman Film – by Dayspring. The Death of the Super-Hero Film Franchise … Again! A Tribute to Christopher Reeve – by Neal Bailey (October 2004) Scott Cranford on Auditioning for “Superman Returns” – Scott Cranford experiences in on his expertise auditioning for the new Superman movie (November 2004) My Thoughts on the “Superman Returns” Costume – Steve Younis examines the “Superman Returns” costume in detail, with images (2005/2006) Phoning It In From 30 Years In the past – Barry Freiman speculates on Marlon Brando’s Position in “Superman Returns” (Could 2005) Learning a Widescreen Lesson from Superman – Steve Younis explains some fascinating lessons on Widescreen viewing utilizing “Superman: The Movie” (Could 2005) Returns vs Lives vs Reborn – Steve Younis examines the differences between the costume and logo designs between “Superman Returns”, “Superman Lives”, and “Superman Reborn” (March 2006) A Colorful Example – Steve Younis examines colours… you’ll be shocked at the results (April 2006) Comparing “Superman: The Movie” to Comics Books of the Time – Barry Freiman examines how “Superman: The Movie” in comparison with the established comics continuity of 1978 (June 2006) Superman Returns: The Reducing Room Floor – Steve Younis examines scenes reduce out of the theatrical launch of the film (June 2006) Superman Returns: The FAQS – Steve Younis poses solutions to questions followers have been asking about “Superman Returns” (July 2006) Filming Areas for “Superman Returns” – Steve Younis examines varied locations in and round Sydney Australia where scenes have been filmed for “Superman Returns” (January 2007) Tips on how to Make a Superman Movie Sequel – by Steve Younis (March 2008) My Thoughts on the “Man of Steel” Costume – Steve Younis examines the “Man of Steel” costume in detail, with pictures (2011/2013) Comparing the Superman Movie “S” Shields – Steve Younis compares the assorted “S” shield designs throughout all of the Superman movies (2012) Superman Costume Comparisons – Steve Younis examines distinction between numerous Superman costumes since 1938 (Update December 2012)

Write to Sarah Douglas
Superman: The Movie (Authentic minion avengers t shirt mens Screenplay – July 1976) Superman: The Movie (Capturing Script – June 1977) Superman: The Film (Particular Version) – Unofficial Transcript Superman II (Script Treatment – 1976) Superman II (Draft Script – 1977) Superman II (Taking pictures Script – 1979) Superman III (Capturing Script – April 1982) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (October 1986) Supergirl (Screenplay – January 1983)

“Superman Reborn” by Ilya Salkind, Mark Jones and Cary Bates [1992] (9.5mb PDF) “Superman Reborn” by Jonathan Lemkin [March 24, 1995] (2.9mb PDF) “Superman Reborn” by minion avengers t shirt mens Gregory Poirier [December 12, 1995] and [December 20, 1995] (15.8mb PDF) “Superman Lives” by Kevin Smith [January 31, 1997] (5.2mb PDF) “Superman Lives” by Kevin Smith [March 27, 1997] (HTML) “Superman” by Wesley Strick [July 7, 1997] (3.7mb PDF) “Superman Lives” by Dan Gilroy [September 20, 1998] (2.6mb PDF) “Superman: The Man of Steel” by Alex Ford [1998] (HTML) “Superman Lives!” by William Wisher [February 3, 2000] (4.3mb PDF) “Superman” by JJ Abrams [July 26, 2002] (four.6mb PDF) Superman/Batman “Asylum” by Andrew Kevin Walker [2002] (3.9mb PDF) “Flyby” by JJ Abrams [October 24, 2003] (228kb PDF) “Justice League: Mortal” by Kieran and Michele Mulroney [2008] (2mb PDF)

“Superman Reborn” Ilya Salkind, Mark Jones and Cary Bates Script Overview by Chad Farr “Superman: The Man of Steel” Alex Ford Script Evaluation by Neal Bailey “Superman” JJ Abrams Script Assessment by Neal Bailey “Asylum” Andrew Kevin Script Assessment by Neal Bailey

Karol Krauser was Fleischer’s Superman Model – Karol Krauser was used because the male mannequin by the Fleischers to aid of their portrayal of Superman for the animated shorts. Caped Wonder Stuns City – There was an actual article on the Daily Planet newspaper prop from “Superman: The Film”.