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Brainiac: Science Abuse

Men's Print green arrow superhero name Short Sleeve T ShirtsSequence 1 featured a wide variety of experiments together with testing to see whether a cell phone would ignite petrol vapours, walking on custard and testing the results of electric shocks on numerous Brainiacs.

Collection 2 (2004)Edit
Sequence 2 saw the beginning of “Brainiac Snooker”, through which World Snooker skilled Quinten Hann would pot the new captain america t shirt canada final six balls on a desk into pockets linked to fuses which, upon potting a ball, would trigger a caravan rigged with a special explosive to explode.

The second sequence also introduced Charlotte Hudson as a third, however minor, host, and saw the introduction of what then turned long term character “Professor Myang-Li”, performed by Rachel Grant.

Series three (2005)Edit
Series three featured Brainiac Golf (just like Brainiac Snooker, but exploding caravans stuffed with completely different substances that exploded with colored flames depending on the chemicals used), Lad v. Lass, Thermite, “Does being electrocuted have an effect on your potential at work ” (human statue, aptitude bartending, darts player), “Issues the instruction manuals don’t warn you about”, 47 Second Science, Diana Ross and her Chain Reaction, and testing which issues break and which issues bounce after a ten-foot drop.

Dr. John P. Kilcoyne, Associate Dean of the University of Sunderland had an everyday slot where he combined various chemicals to see whether or not they “fizz” or “bang”.

Sequence 4 (2006)Edit
Series 4 introduced Brainiac Darts, during which Bobby George threw a perfect set, at all times finishing on the Double Top which triggered the explosion of a caravan, and a new “I Can Do Science Me” which is about round auditions. There can be a characteristic known as “Things What My Body Does”, by which a member of the public is filmed doing one thing extraordinary with their bodies. It additionally featured “Film Stars Destroying Automobiles” and Dr. John P. Kilcoyne with “Glow or Blow”.

It additionally introduced a brand new function referred to as “Brainiac for a Day”, the place contestants might carry an item of their choice to blow up. It was set out as a sport show with the hosts Dolly Girl (Lisa Marie Bourke) (beforehand “Jane” in the “Lad v. Lass” phase) and Dolly Boy (Stefan D’Bart).

Sequence 5 (2007)Edit
Series 5 retained “Brainiac For A Day”, “Issues What My Physique Does”, and incorporates new segments like “Brainiac V Beast”, Dr Kilcoyne with “Fizzle or Flash” and Prof. Myang Li (Rachel Grant) with steel balls, making an attempt to “shatter or shunt” numerous objects. In addition, Vic Reeves appeared because the Russian scientist Uri Abusikov, alongside along with his assistant Ursula, making an attempt to destroy things with liquid nitrogen.

In this collection, Reeves took over as host from Richard Hammond, who had stop the show. Hammond’s rising commitments to Prime Gear and his contract with the BBC meant that he was finding it increasingly troublesome to fulfil his role as presenter of Brainiac. Reeves was brought in as replacement host shortly after the end of the fourth series and earlier than Richard Hammond’s near fatal crash. The original manufacturing crew including Executive Producer Stewart Morris, Collection Producer Richard Greenwood and Series Director Peter Eyre left the programme at the identical time as Hammond.

Sequence 6 (2008)Edit
Collection 6 noticed the return of Vic Reeves as host and Jon Tickle as co-host. Thaila Zucchi replaced Hudson because the third co-host and made her debut on the series in two items: “How Arduous is Your Thing ” by which she assessments the hardness of various objects utilizing thermite and a ton of bricks dropped from a crane, and “Shocking Acts” by which she finds out whether selection acts can still carry out while receiving electric shocks.