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A/N: The writing of this began a few years in the past when i tried to write a snuff quick, simply to see if I could. Using DC’s world warfare 3 for inspiration having bought it on the market I made my quick. Then I made the mistake of including to it (you’ve been warned). I’ve picked up this tale each so typically now ninja turtles shell shirt for the previous couple of years, it’s a multitude and that i ought to really delete it, but someone might take pleasure in it so as a substitute I am putting a part of it up here. I wasn’t an enormous DC fan so wiki and countless little re-writes have been my writing companion, sorry for the mess.


The young witch stood her floor towards his anger, believing that she still confronted a man, a being who might be reasoned with, who had resisted ninja turtles shell shirt battle before, solely combating when left no different choice.

Beast Boy fought to remain acutely aware, bones damaged and inner organs bleeding, he was powerless to assist Raven, to cease the violation and all he could do was let out a scream of absolute pain and loss as Black Adam crushed her skull like a bit of fruit. The dark death god only then regarded down at what he had carried out, not even realising he had executed it, not that he cared even ninja turtles shell shirt then.