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This page is dedicated to all Rumors regarding the movie Aquaman.

CONFIRMED! Jason Mamoa will probably be playing Arthur Curry / Orin.
The studio are interested with Karl Urban for a role.[1]
Matthew McConaughey is in talks for a role.[2]

DEBUNKED! The studio are looking for a non-white actress for Mera.[3]
– Channing Tatum could have a task.[Four]
DEBUNKED! Michael K. Williams will play Black Manta.[5][6][7]
DEBUNKED! Michael Jai White will portay Black Manta.[Eight]
John Cleese may have a task in the movie.[9]
Armie Hammer can have a job.[10]

CONFIRMED! Yahyer Abdul-Mateen II will be enjoying Black Manta. [11]
CONFIRMED! Nicole Kidman is in early talks to play Atlanna. [12]
CONFIRMED! Temuera Morrison is in early talks to play Aquaman’s father, Thomas Curry.[Thirteen]
– Michael Seaside will play Black Manta’s nintendo t shirts uk kit dad.[14]

CONFIRMED! Mera will appear.[15]
Marvel Lady could possibly be talked about or referenced somehow.
– Aqualad is in it and serves his father for a great chunk of the film. He ultimately switches sides and helps Aquaman.[Sixteen]

CONFIRMED! Black Manta will be the main antagonist of the movie.[15][17][18][19]
CONFIRMED! Orm will seem.[15][three]
CONFIRMED! The Trench will appear.[15][17][18]
– Black Manta will likely be a Darth Vader-esque character, in that his voice and presence is intimidating and terrifying even when he’s not preventing.[16]

Ocean Master will rent Black Manta to kill Aquaman.
There’s a cool combat scene deliberate where Aquaman and Aqualad battle Black Manta’s military earlier than Aquaman goes off to battle Black Manta at the end.[16]
The spirit of nintendo t shirts uk kit the movie is a “swashbuckling action journey, sort of high seas journey story. A quest story in the spirit of Raiders of the Misplaced Ark and Romancing the Stone.”[20]
The dynamic between Arthur and Mera start off as a love-hate relationship the place they do not fairly click and as time goes by and they attempt to work together they get nearer and nearer.[21]

CONFIRMED! Will probably be launched in 2018.
DEBUNKED! Jeff Nichols and Noam Murro will direct the film.[22][1]
DEBUNKED! Chad Stahelski and David Leitch will direct the film.[23][24]
CONFIRMED! James Wan is the front runner for director for the movie.[25]

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