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Aquaman Appreciation! [Archive]

Personally liked the Jackson title it was kinda like how Aquaman has Orin and Arthur Curry. The thing I liked about Brightest Day was instead of trying like a race stunt it launched Aqualad more as a legacy character. Garth and Tula were the Aqualad and Aquagirl that related Aquaman to Atlantis. Kaldur and Lorena have been the Aqualad and Aquagirl that reminded him that he’s human additionally and from the land. That panel where they are saying there outsiders and from each worlds but belong to neither was great that’s the path I hope they go in after they reintroduce Kaldur and Lorena again. Maybe each from New Mexico to avoid wasting time Though I really like the Sub-Diego story line..

That I can undoubtedly agree on. Same with Sub Diego and it is certainly one of the reasons I’m kind of nervous about Lorena being introduced within the new52. The Sub Diego story-line was considered one of my favorite Aquaman stories of the previous decade and an enormous part of her character arc. If/once they did not carry her back I doubt they’d go about it the identical approach so I’m wondering how a lot of her character is going to change.
I all the time neglect about his Orin moniker lol. I wonder if it should get introduced back. I do not assume I’ve seen anyone name him that as of late.

Based on one thing Orm stated, Garth is a child proper now. Either method I have no special attachment to him. But would not be averse to seeing him and Kaldur. I don’t care about any of the Aquagirls.

There have been plenty of inconsistencies. Roy completely mentioned Garth in RHATO making it appear all the titan stuff nonetheless happened and he was around their age but Orm made it appear like he was a child. After all that could of just been saying “boy” because he’s nonetheless relatively younger than many of the royal family. I’m wondering if they’ll go the YJ route and make them round the same age. I really don’t suppose we can be seeing any of pink floyd atom heart mother t shirt the sidekicks till the 7 Seas arc.


I’ve never been adamant to have Tula again. Lorena was all the time the extra interesting Aquagirl imo. I’ve been having fun with her in the reboot although and her new position as Orm’s sister and leader of the Drift. One thing that is always drawn me to Aquaman is his relationships with different characters and his battle between worlds. It jogs my memory of the X-males lots which is my favourite Marvel property.

As for the Booth design, is not it simply his regular Tempest costume colored in another way Possibly I have to see them aspect by Men’s Desgin Marvel Spider-Man Short Sleeve T-Shirt aspect. I would not thoughts them incorporating their Flashpoint movie seems into the books.